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Dr Eva Detko interviews Craig Weiner

EFT, Polyvagal Theory and the Mind Body Connection

EFT, Polyvagal Theory and the Mind Body Connection. An interview with Craig Weiner DC as a guest presenter on the Mind-Body and Vagus Nerve Connection Summit, 2020. Transcript (PDF)

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Avnita Suri interviews Craig Weiner

Freedom from Chronic Pain Interview with Avnita Suri

In this segment Craig is interviewed by U.K. based Avnita Suri, the director of the Freedom form Chronic Pain support group. We discuss what it’s like to integrate mind-body approaches into a healthcare practice with patients/clients. How does a practitioner meet the needs of a chronic pain patient and explore the emotional and energetic aspects…

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SuzeQ interviews Craig Weiner

Tapping Into Your Best Self; Dissolving What Stops you from Speaking and Living an Inspired Life!

With Craig Weiner and SuzeQ from the 2020 Speaker Secrets II Summit In this interview we explore: What I have personally and professionally had to overcome in order to become a professional teacher and conference presenter How do I explain what EFT and how you can best describe EFT when trying to explain it to…

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Alina Frank and Craig Weiner on COVID related Fears

COVID-19 Fears Webinar Series Part 3: Tapping for Feelings of Being Isolated

Click Here to learn COVID Friendly” non facial safe tapping points This is a 3 part series. You can Click Here for Part 1 is about tapping on COVID related Fears. You can CLICK Here for part 2 on Using EFT for working with Anger. During the current epidemic, cities, states and nations are existing…

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Craig Weiner on COVID-19 Safe EFT Tapping Points

Alternate COVID-19 Safe EFT Tapping Points

While we are amidst the COVID-19 active period, the Center for Disease Control in the U.S. is recommending that for safety precautions to minimize viral spread that at this time we: wash our hands vigorously for 20 seconds and attempt to reduce hand to face contact. For that reason we of course are following those…

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Alina Frank Craig Weiner on EFT for COVID-19

EFT for COVID-19; Releasing the Anger

This is Part 2 of 3 parts. For Part 1 on Tapping for COVID related Fears, Click Here. For Part 3 on Tapping for Isolation, Click Here Also you can CLICK here for alternate “COVID Friendly” non facial tapping points: In this free offering webinar, our focus is working through coronavirus-related anger. Sources of amped…

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Alina Frank and Craig Weiner on EFT for Covid-19 Fears

EFT for Covid-19 Fears Webinar Series

You can CLICK Here for “COVID-friendly” non-facial points. This is the first of a 3 part series on using EFT for COVID related stresses. Go to Part 2 on Tapping for COVID and Anger by Clicking Here You can CLICK Here for Part 3 on using EFT for feelings of Isolation. This is the first…

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Ande Anderson of Avaiya Univesity interviews Craig Weiner

How Tapping Into Early Life Adversity Can Hold the Key to Resolving Your Chronic Pain

In this interview with Avaiya Univesity’s Ande Anderson, we explore For those people who have tried everything under the sun to resolve their chronic pain or chronic health conditions, the evidence that supports the connection between their physical health and the state of ones emotions. I offer personal experiences of the direct connection between unresolved…

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Irene Odmark Hall interviews Craig Weiner

The Importance of Feeling Safe in Order to Heal

In this interview with Irene Odmark Hall for the Scandinavian Tapping Summit the discussion focuses on why it is so critical to establish safety as a paramount feature of a tapping session and Craig offers insights and tips to create safety and rapport. Dr. Craig Weiner has worked in the health-care field for 30 years.…

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Alina Frank and Craig Weiner on Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

Practitioners of all types, whether it be health care professionals, coaches, EFT practitioners or anyone else needs to “market” themselves or their practice will need to face “putting themselves out there”. This often elicits fear, anxiety, feelings of vulnerability and self doubt. In this video with EFT International Master Trainers of Trainers, Alina Frank and…

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Alina and Craig on Distancing Association Dissociation in EFT

Distancing, Association, Dissociation in EFT for Trauma

Having a trauma informed approach to working with adverse life events is critically important. When working with life traumas, many considerations must be evaluated, with slow and gentle always at the core. In this video with EFT International Master Trainers of Trainers, Alina Frank and Craig Weiner, directors of the EFT Tapping Training Institute, discuss…

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Alina and Craig on Personal Peace Procedure

Personal Peace Procedure

The Personal Peace Procedure was first “created” by EFT founder, Gary Craig. It is a systematic way to utilize EFT in order to clear your past of emotional baggage in order to find greater emotional peace in your life. In this video with EFT International Master Trainers of Trainers, Alina Frank and Craig Weiner, directors…

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