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EFT for COVID-19; Releasing the Anger

This is Part 2 of 3 parts. For Part 1 on Tapping for COVID related Fears, Click Here. For Part 3 on Tapping for Isolation, Click Here

Also you can CLICK here for alternate “COVID Friendly” non facial tapping points:

In this free offering webinar, our focus is working through coronavirus-related anger. Sources of amped anger is being triggered by the media, governments and politicians, health clinics organizations…others who are not following precaution restrictions…fights over consumer goods, family members who are not being careful…everywhere we look, people’s anger is being triggered. That being said prolonged anger can depress a person’s immune system. A Harvard study revealed that recalling a single memory of an anger inducing episode can reduce salivary immunoglobin A for up to 6 hours. At the same time published research has revealed that an hour of group EFT reduced cortisol levels by 43%. In this video we teach a variation of Tearless Trauma EFT for experiences which have caused us to feel anger recently.

Disclaimer: The self-help techniques described in this video provide you with some ways to reduces stress and stress-related emotions and to find a greater sense of peace and calm.However, this video should not be considered a treatment or prescription for regular medical or psychological care. If you have a medical or psychological condition, please consult your doctor or other appropriate licensed health care provider. Watching this video does not constitute a professional relationship between the viewer and presenters or the EFT Tapping Training Institute.