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COVID-19 Fears Webinar Series Part 3: Tapping for Feelings of Being Isolated

Click Here to learn COVID Friendly” non facial safe tapping points

This is a 3 part series. You can Click Here for Part 1 is about tapping on COVID related Fears. You can CLICK Here for part 2 on Using EFT for working with Anger.

During the current epidemic, cities, states and nations are existing for unknown period of graduated lock down and social distancing requirements. That means less face to face time with friends and family, considerable less hugs and physical contact and more time alone. Isolation can be experienced in many ways that may include fear, anger, sadness, grief, disconnection, anxiousness and more.

When these feelings exist, on top of previous experiences of the same, the emotions and physical manifestations can become extreme and overwhelming. Learning to use EFT techniques to help regulate ones emotional and physical state become very important. In this webinar we teach how to use what is referred to as the Box/Container Technique for working with this issue.

Feelings of isolation and loneliness has been linked to everything from heart disease to Alzheimer’s disease to depression. Research suggests that loneliness can cause the immune systems of lonely people are work differently with increased levels of inflammation and they seem to have lower levels of antiviral compounds known as interferons so it is even more important that we take all the steps we can to strengthen or immune system by reducing our stress levels during this time.

Disclaimer: The self-help techniques described in this video provide you with some ways to reduces stress and stress-related emotions and to find a greater sense of peace and calm.However, this video should not be considered a treatment or prescription for regular medical or psychological care. If you have a medical or psychological condition, please consult your doctor or other appropriate licensed health care provider. Watching this video does not constitute a professional relationship between the viewer and presenters or the EFT Tapping Training Institute.