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Freedom from Chronic Pain Interview with Avnita Suri

In this segment Craig is interviewed by U.K. based Avnita Suri, the director of the Freedom form Chronic Pain support group. We discuss what it’s like to integrate mind-body approaches into a healthcare practice with patients/clients. How does a practitioner meet the needs of a chronic pain patient and explore the emotional and energetic aspects that are always a part of dealing with being in pain?

Dr Craig Weiner has spent decades working closely with chronic pain patients as a chiropractor, bodyworker and EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and META Health practitioner Together with his wife Alina Frank, he is a co-director of the EFT Tapping Training Institute in Washington State. As a popular lecturer, mentor and master trainer of practitioners and health professionals, he is profoundly interested in the underlying emotional connections that contribute to the development and sustenance of chronic health issues. He is the co-producer and director of the film, the Science of Tapping, has contributed scientific articles and chapters to multiple periodicals and books and continues to maintain both a private practice and international teaching schedule.