EFT International Approved Small Group Post-Certification Mentoring

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EFT International Approved Small Group Post-Certification Mentoring

4 Class Package

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Class times are: 9:00 – 10:30 am AND 3:00 – 4:30 pm Seattle Pacific Time.

You can check your location time zone at worldtimebuddy.com and will utilize a private ZOOM video link. Classes are held the last Tuesday of each month (unless posted otherwise).

Cost: $60 per 90 minute class or discounted package of 6 required hours (4 classes) $199 US.

This course complies with the EFT International mentoring guidelines of a required 6 hours annual mentoring with an Approved Mentor. A maximum of 8 persons* is allowed per class to maximize person attention and coaching. Attention and material covered will be paid specifically to the needs of each class participant.

Prerequisite: All participants are required to be Certified EFT Practitioners.

The classes are designed to address a variety of issues, depending on the needs of each student, including but not limited to asking questions, reviewing and learning new information concerning:

  • Catalyzing your practice/business with improving results through authentic marketing
  • Improving aspects of practitioner/client rapport to facilitate enhanced healing
  • Tips for improving coaching skills; i.e. setting client goals, establishing client homework activities
  • Increasing learning for enhancing safety when working with trauma
  • Creating beautiful and powerful client questions
  • How to improve your intake process to maximize safety and results

These classes will be guided by me but collaborative in nature.

Live attendance is required for annual EFT International mentoring hours.

It is the responsibility of each individual to track their hours and submit to the EFT International website.

Private mentoring with Craig is also available. Discounted EFT International mentoring fees are offered at $250/hour.

  • A minimum of 4 people is required for each class

I have completed 2 online mentoring sessions with Craig to date and found them to be absolutely fantastic. In helping me to craft my EFT skills, I finished each session wishing I lived closer so that I could attend some face to face training with him. My questions towards mentoring that I emailed prior to each class were met and articulated well and sitting in our virtual zoom classroom with other practitioners was just too easy. There is always something to learn and having the support of a group whilst in mentoring helps immensely to process this new knowledge. Craig knows EFT there is no doubt about this, but being able to engage the group whilst facilitating the training takes skill and he was all over it.


— Mell Symonds, NZ

I have had several EFT mentoring sessions with Craig over this last year, and found him to be clear, well-organized, supportive and respectful. Not only is he skilled in all aspects of EFT, he is equally adept in Matrix Reimprinting as well as all aspects of marketing and EFT business-building. With such a wonderful set of skills, I found Craig’s mentoring sessions to be rich in content and wide-ranging in scope. His is a safe space; one that offers the freedom to explore the breadth of one’s journey as a practitioner, to share triumphs as well as struggles. I highly recommend mentoring with Craig.


— Wendy Blair Licensed Clinical Social Worker AAMET Accredited and Certified Practitioner

I have participated in 7 mentoring classes so far with Craig. I can honestly say that I have grown as a practitioner thanks to these meetings. I love the group atmosphere as we share and learn with each other. The beauty of the group is that people have different specialties and perspectives. This offers a level of diversity that is really valuable. Every meeting, Craig starts it off with an opportunity to share what is going on in our practice and to put a question or request for support on any given topic. Because of the diversity, a call may have topics ranging from working with teens, to marketing, to intuition. The meeting covers SO much. I find myself learning more than I ever anticipated. The diversity also helps when it comes time for support. You receive input from Craig, but you also receive input from other people who have maybe dealt with the same issue, or who have a creative way of looking at your topic. On the flip side, I feel like a valuable member of the community as I am invited to share and offer my insights. I highly recommend the group mentoring classes for any EFT practitioner at any level.


— Lori Lamont, Milford, MA

As a new EFT student/ practitioner I have found Craig’s group mentoring both insightful and inspiring. It is a wonderful forum to share experiences and learn from each other. No question is too difficult, and the range of topics covered where both comprehensive and valuable. I especially gained a lot of knowledge and some fabulous suggestion for the business side of running an EFT practice, it is great to have input and actual experiences from both Craig and the other practitioners. Thank you Craig for offering such a supportive and informative environment, your years of experience and knowledge are such a blessing and I am so grateful to have found this group. As an EFT practitioner I learnt many great examples and valuable insights that will make me a better EFT coach i.e. that we are the client’s “seeing eye dog” guiding them safely and gently’. If you aspire to be an exceptional EFT practitioner/coach and provide amazing results for both your business and your clients then I would highly recommend that you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to share and learn from Craig and the group.


— Louise Smith, Sydney Australia

Joining Craig Weiner’s small group EFT mentoring sessions has been very beneficial. Craig facilitates group discussion on interesting, useful topics with in-depth knowledge, practical advice, warmth and candor. Shared learning led by Craig with other EFT Practitioners from around the world is very valuable. I learned a lot! It’s clear that Craig’s aim is to help participants to be successful EFT coaches. I feel more confident about conducting client-led sessions that establish client safety and rapport. It was great to be able to get Craig’s feedback and guidance on Matrix Reimprinting as well as EFT.


— Elaine Robinson, EFT Practitioner, Wellington, NZ

Thank you! Your mentoring classes have been a safe place where I can continue to grow, share and learn from you and my fellow EFT practitioners. I have always taken away from class something new, be it a new perspective on an issue or situation or a totally new skill. The knowledge that you (mentoring class) have my back has given me the security and confidence to continue and try to excel.


— Sandra Bensaude, Lisbon Portugal