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EFT Tapping Client Session Series with Alina Frank

EFT International Master Trainer of Trainers and Director of the EFT Tapping Training Institute A few years ago I was inspired to devote a year to creating 26 recorded videos of actual EFT client sessions in order to selective demonstrate the core principles and techniques of EFT called the EFT A to Z Series. After…

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The Stick Person Finds Tapping; Shifting the Paradigm

A paradigm is a model. A specific paradigm could be based upon the ideas and beliefs that cause you to do things automatically. These are the habits and behaviors you automatically operate by that create specific results. Another way to say this is that your paradigm is the software that is running your hardware. If…

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Crafting Your Unique EFT Set-Up Statement

The purpose of this article is simply to help you get started using EFT and putting tapping into practice right now. The Basic Tapping Sequence EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, plural. While there are many EFT protocols, we will begin with the Basic EFT shortcut method. This is the foundational approach which you will…

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Use EFT to Turn Self-Hatred into Compassion

By Alina Frank Marla wanted to work on her extreme self-loathing. She told me it affected every part of her life from being unable to feel comfortable in social situations to her ability to ask for a raise to her insecurities around her sexuality. She knew that she didn’t like herself and whenever she came…

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Our Clients and Our Own Spiritual Issues

By Alina Frank We often say that EFT can remove the layers of the onion within ourselves, and that by doing so we get closer to our own Divine Nature.  This has certainly been the case with me and, further, many of my clients who continue using EFT beyond a few sessions report the same…

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How to Use EFT to Clear 6 Common Limiting Beliefs

By Alina Frank One of my favorite poems is Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” which starts with the line “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…” Both roads can’t be taken, and looking down each path, one can’t clearly see very far. For both paths, one thing is certain—what lies ahead is unknown. In…

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Now You Can Handle Gaslighting in a Relationship by Using EFT

By Alina Frank When I first came across the term and definition of “gaslighting,” I realized that this term for emotional abuse in a romantic relationship very clearly described many of my clients’ issues. I couldn’t believe how many times I had actually worked with my clients on this problem. “Gaslighting” gets its name from…

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How EFT Helps You Share Your Innate Talents

By Alina Frank “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you”. ~ St Thomas Aquinas No truer words have been spoken about your innate talents and your responsibility to…

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Trauma and PTSD

By Alina Frank FIFTY FIVE years is a long time to suffer the horror of a plane crash but that’s exactly what my client “Margaret” did.  In the early days of commercial flying, stewardesses were queens of the sky and my client always felt honored to be part of that exclusive group.  The people that…

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Essentials for Healing with EFT Tapping: Safety and Rapport

By Craig Weiner, DC I often ask EFT practitioners if they believe that they provide a safe space for their clients. The answer is always yes. That puzzles me because I also hear from clients and students who tell me some pretty incredible stories of what practitioners and even instructors have said to them during…

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EFT and the Law of Attraction: The Need to Tap on the Negative

By Alina Frank Quite often there will be clients who cannot find the blocks that prevent them from healing, moving forward in romantic relationship, or building their businesses. Our job then as EFT coaches is to uncover the root of these challenges even when there is no apparent cause, as is the case with subconscious…

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Is the Pandemic Inviting You to Re-Create Yourself in a New EFT Career?

Around the world we are living under the influence of the current novel coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are quarantined with various elements of stay at home restrictions. For many this is causing financial hardship as they are unable to work from home or telecommute as they are currently employed. Beyond the hardship may lie…

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