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How Tapping Into Early Life Adversity Can Hold the Key to Resolving Your Chronic Pain

In this interview with Avaiya Univesity’s Ande Anderson, we explore

  • For those people who have tried everything under the sun to resolve their chronic pain or chronic health conditions, the evidence that supports the connection between their physical health and the state of ones emotions.
  • I offer personal experiences of the direct connection between unresolved negative emotions and physical pain.
  • Is there always an emotional connection between chronic pain or chronic health conditions and either unexpressed emotions or unresolved emotional trauma?
  • How I explain to my patients that have real physical evidence, like labwork, xrays, MRIs etc that part of their successful healing includes dealing with their emotional state of being.
  • We discuss patterns of chronic pain conditions and how they can correlate with different types of either emotions or emotions connected to different types of adversity or trauma.
  • What are the methods I recommend and find most effective for working with chronic pain.
  • How can EFT or Tapping be used for self care when struggling with problems related to ongoing painful conditions?

Dr Craig Weiner has spent decades working closely with chronic pain patients as a chiropractor, bodyworker and EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and META Health practitioner Together with his wife Alina Frank, he is a co-director of the EFT Tapping Training Institute in Washington State and. As a popular lecturer, mentor and master trainer of practitioners and health professionals, he is profoundly interested in the underlying emotional connections that contribute to the development and sustenance of chronic health issues. He is the co-producer and director of the film, the Science of Tapping, has contributed scientific articles and chapters to multiple periodicals and books and continues to maintain both a private practice and international teaching schedule. Information can be found at www.efttappingtraining.com/craig-weiner