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Understanding the Impact of Childhood Trauma (ACEs) and the role of the Vagus Nerve

I recently had a chat with Kelly Stoks, an Energy Coach and EFT/Matrix practitioner in Atlanta. Her group was interested in learning more about the vagus nerve and its regulation of the central nervous system. In addition I talk about the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) study and trauma in general. We touch on how the Personal Peace Procedure can help uncover seemingly small events from our past that could be negatively effecting us today. A common theme in the area of self development is that we should be able to overwrite unhelpful subconscious programming by simply changing our thoughts and reinforcing the beliefs we want to have with affirmations and positive thinking. When these techniques don’t work, energy modalities such as EFT allow us to process and release these limitations that are held by the body. I also answer an interesting question from the group that pertains to a hidden or blocked memory.

If you are interested in learning more about Kelly’s free Zoom group and bookclub, you can sign up HERE.