Introvert. First of two children. Enjoys crabbing, clamming, fishing, and berry picking. Born in Cuba. Consistently rated one of the top EFT practitioners.

Alina Frank is a prominent figure in the world of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), known for her expertise as a trainer and practitioner. With years of experience, she has helped countless individuals overcome emotional blocks and physical ailments through EFT, a form of alternative therapy that involves tapping on specific points on the body to release negative emotions and promote healing.

Alina’s passion for EFT shines through her teaching, where she empowers others to harness the technique’s transformative power for themselves. Her dedication to spreading awareness about EFT and its benefits has made her a respected figure in the field, inspiring many to explore this powerful tool for personal growth and healing.

“Alina’s authenticity, integrity, and openness inspire people, and because she’s reachable, they can see themselves in her,” says Craig Weiner. “She’s worked with thousands of people in private practice and trained hundreds more, which gives her depth and breadth as an EFT practitioner and as a presenter. She’s walked her talk, and that deep knowing gives her confidence.”

“Meeting Alina changed the course of my life and has given me permission to fully be myself in my greatest capacity,” adds Craig. “That’s who I am when I’m presenting with her.”

“I discovered EFT while searching for a cure to a medical condition that arose after I gave birth to a stillborn baby,” says Alina. “It took years, but I’ve come to appreciate that experience as my greatest gift, because it led me to my life’s work. I’ve overcome a lot of additional challenges using EFT, including being stuck in a bad relationship, nearly losing my home, and struggling with serious health issues. I’m not just an EFT practitioner and teacher. I know from personal experience how life-changing it can be and became a trainer because I wanted to share EFT with more people than I could one-on-one.”

Alina Frank first witnessed the mind’s ability to facilitate physical healing while practicing as a postpartum doula. Seven years later, she discovered EFT and used it to heal herself of a serious illness and to radically improve her life circumstances. Based on her personal success with EFT, Alina established a private EFT practice and received her EFT training from EFT founder Gary Craig in 2006. In 2007, she received trauma-specific EFT training from Rabbi Legomsky, director of Israel Trauma Care. Alina has been a trainer for multiple organizations and learned Matrix Reimprinting from founder Sasha Allenby in 2010. She is now also an EFT master trainer and master trainer of trainers for the world’s largest EFT association, EFT International. Alina earned her master life coach certification from the American University of NLP and has been rated the number one EFT practitioner, an independent review site, since 2009.

Alina has conducted EFT trainings throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico and has received five-star ratings for those trainings from Tapping International, YELP, Google Plus Places and EFTU. She has also conducted EFT Matrix Reimprinting trainings throughout the United States, Canada, Israel, and Mexico. Alina is the founder and current organizer of the annual NW EFT Tappers Gathering, offers free EFT to emergency responders through Whidbey CareNet, and was a master presenter for the Warriors Wellness Project’s Trauma Tune-Up. She has been a contributing author in various EFT books including the EFT Clinical Handbook, Heal Yourself with EFT, Raising a Winning Student and the best selling author of How to Want Sex Again.

Alina Frank and Craig Weiner

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  • 1993-1997 Humanistic Cybernetics spiritual studies with Dr. Rupert Salvadeau, Miami Florida
  • 4-T Prosperity and Spirituality Training Unity Church Miami, Florida
  • Forum Couples Communication Training
  • Temple Adat Or (TAO) Women’s Spirituality Courses Davie, Florida
  • Spiritually Based Postpartum Doula Certification Birthworks Montclair, New Jersey
  • EFT Level 1, 2, 3 Dr. Kiya Immergluck
  • EFT Masters Boot Camp with Gary Craig and EFT Masters
  • EFT Masters Showcase Denver, Colorado
  • Trauma and EFT training with Israel Trauma Care director Rabbi Legomsky
  • Matrix Energetics Levels 1-3
  • Matrix Energetics Certification with Mark Dunn and Richard Bartlett Seattle, Washington
  • Quantum Consciousness mentoring with Reggie Shelley
  • Adam the Dream Healer Quantum Healing Training Portland, Oregon
  • Matrix Energetics seminar assistant Chicago, Illinois
  • Trainers Training EFT Universe with Dawson Church Santa Rosa, California
  • Matrix Reimprinting with Sasha Allenby Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Opening to the Infinite: Remote Viewing with Stephan A Schwartz
  • Life Coach Certification from American University of NLP
  • Master Life Coach Certification from American University of NLP


  • Facilitator of Law of Attraction Groups in Washington, DC and Whidbey Island
  • Private practice doula and spiritual birth guide in Washington, DC
  • Training, Mentoring, Coaching EFT practitioners in Level 1,2,3 since 2005
  • Co-facilitator of Healing Extravaganza Chicago, Illinois
  • Co-facilitator of Learn to Find Love courses
  • Facilitator of Shapeshifting Weight Loss Group
  • Manifestation Wheel and EFT Workshops co-facilitator
  • Presenter at the 1st EFT Tappers Gathering in North America
  • Organizer of Washington EFT Tappers Gathering
  • Mentor at EFT MBA (Mastering Business Acumen) for EFT Coaches
  • Facilitator of Women in Transition Meetup
  • Facilitator of Women’s EFT Seattle Meetup
  • Private EFT coaching practice since 2004
  • Cert-I and EFTU Certified Trainer
  • NCBTMB and NCCAOM national provider of continuing education
  • Certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer since 2011
  • Moderator of WomenWise EFT Masters Forum
  • Community Education provider for Whidbey General Hospital
  • Over 100 public interviews, demonstrations, and radio shows
  • Mentor on Ask the EFT Mentor on EFT Hub Resource Center since 2009
  • Featured Luminary on Inspire Me Today
  • Panelist at the NW Women’s Show at CenturyLink Field 2012
  • EFT Trauma TuneUp Master Class Presenter Seattle June 2012 and 2013
  • Relationships with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting article published in Lilipoh Magazine Summer 2012
  • 1st Male-Female couple presenters (Unleash Your Sexual Chi with EFT) at the Women of Wisdom Conference Seattle February 2013
  • Best selling author of How to Want Sex Again Using EFT

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