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The Importance of Feeling Safe in Order to Heal

In this interview with Irene Odmark Hall for the Scandinavian Tapping Summit the discussion focuses on why it is so critical to establish safety as a paramount feature of a tapping session and Craig offers insights and tips to create safety and rapport.

Dr. Craig Weiner has worked in the health-care field for 30 years. He is the co-director of the EFT Tapping Training Institute with his wife and partner, Alina Frank. While he still maintains private practices for EFT Tapping, META Health and Chiropractic, most of his time and energy is devoted training and mentoring practitioners internationally. He has received the designation of Master Trainer of Trainers for EFT International and is one of four certified Matrix Reimprinting EFT trainers in North America. His passion for creating safe environments for working gently with trauma inspired him to create programs such as Tapping out of Trauma and the film the Science of Tapping. You can find out more about him at www.EFTtappingtraining.com or on the film, go to www.scienceoftapping.com

Here are questions that were explored in this interview:

“Safety as a Prerequisite for Healing”

When a person uses EFT Tapping on themselves or with a practitioner, on any number of issues, like the inability to sleep, is it always fairly obvious in advance to know exactly what issues, feelings and concerns you will end up tapping on?

Is it possible that tapping can help to resolve health issues may be somehow related or connected to adverse or traumatic life experiences?

If when tapping, one finds oneself tuned into recalling significant emotional or traumatic life events, is it ok to tap on them yourselves or should you work with a qualified and well trained practitioner?

Why is “feeling safe” so critical when attempting to heal from emotional wounds? Is there a scientific rationale for this?

How can a person increase their felt sense of safety when doing tapping?

What are some ways that we can work to increase the felt sense of safety in our clients?

How did you come to feel so passionate and committed to educating the public and the tapping profession about Safety and Trauma Informed practices?