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EFT Tapping Training Testimonials

These testimonials are but a small sampling of many of our student’s feedback after having taken a training from us. While we cannot guarantee that you will feel exactly the same way after completing a training, we believe that these quotes give you a fairly good idea of the feedback we receive.

Alina and Craig’s training was more than worth the effort and expense involved in getting halfway across the world (from Australia) to attend. They are expert practitioners and trainers and it’s obvious that they are passionately committed to helping others on their EFT journey and facilitating the highest standards in the practitioners they train.

— Naomi Janzen, EFT Practitioner, Robertson, Australia

I’ve been offering EFT for about 4 years as a life coach before starting the certification process. I’ve worked intensely on myself the entire time, yet never seemed to clear my core issue. As of the end of the EFT Universe workshop, it feels cleared. Thank you!

— Gwen Orwiler

Alina is both a ‘5 Star’ coach and teacher. I have worked with her personally and can attest to the truth of these reviews. She is truly gifted at helping a client drill down and get to the root of the issue they’re trying to resolve. After working with Alina one on one for a period of time, I attended the Aventura EFT level 2 seminar and was equally impressed with what an excellent instructor she is. The material was presented in a clear, concise, focused, yet thorough manner. Whenever anyone has asked me which EFT practitioner they should work with, I always suggest Alina. I will work with her myself in the future and would definitely take another EFT class with Alina.

— Maria Kantor Boca Raton, FL

Worth the 4-hour drive in each direction. I can clearly see how this will enhance my clients and students session experiences and life-long well-being. Thank you, Alina, for your professionalism and warmth.

— Beth Johnson, Coral Gables, FL

I took the General EFT classes Level 1 and 2 with Alina in Aventura FL, and I enjoyed every minute of the four days. Alina is a natural teacher and transmits her knowledge with ease. She makes sure that everyone understand and follows along. I learned sooo much!. I can’t wait for Level 3.

— Alicia Gomez, Miami, FL

This workshop was well organized and facilitated by warm, caring, and knowledgeable professionals. I not only learned the practical skills of EFT, but also some very subtle, but important nuances that were taught through a deep understanding of the emotional release process. I look forward to continuing my learning process from this impressive source.

— Barb Huggins, Salem, OR

An excellent and immediately applicable training experience. Alina and Craig were extremely present, helpful, and inspirational. I am happy to report that I continue to work on my own issues successfully, and I am beginning to use the technique with my friends and patients. I am certain that this method of intervention and support will be a part of my practice permanently. Thank you to two lovely, committed practitioners.

— Dr. Robins, Seattle, WA

I loved this workshop. I had already been practicing EFT for myself for many years, and the past year or so with friends & clients (massage clients, but EFT for various related & unrelated things). I listen to all sorts of audios about EFT & practice almost daily. But I still learned a great many things that I have already started to apply. This workshop solidified everything for me, so that I feel more confident & I have a few more tools under my belt for things that had seemed way too big to tackle before. Thank you Alina.

— Rachel Ann, Seattle, WA

Alina is an outstanding teacher: present, clear, articulate, skilled, knowledgeable, supportive. This was a great class!

— Tim McElfish, MD

Well, she is a fantastic teacher. We met in 2011 at my first Lev 1 & 2 EFTU Cert workshop. She is my mentor in all aspects of my development with EFT & Matrix Reimprinting. I see her every year she comes to South Florida. Her relationship coaching is bar none…she saved my marriage of over 30yrs…conventional talk therapy could not touch it. Everything has changed for me, since meeting her. I have been in her EFT business program since 2011 and am developing my EFT practice to help women and their partners through pregnancy and childbirth. I also see myself introducing EFT to my colleagues (Doctors and Nurses) to help incorporate it as part of their tool kit when taking care of clients in the office or hospital. It all takes time…I am still in practice in full scope midwifery….office and delivering babies (have 2 women in labor today!). Can’t say enough about Alina…she has given me the confidence and courage to expand. Although, I know the appropriate way to state that is, she helped me open the way to my own knowing of who I am.

— I.B. Miami, Fl

I have taken numerous similar workshops with you and each time I learn something new and exciting about myself. My interest was held as much this time as the first time. You have such positive energy and your training ability is unsurpassed.

— A. Lieberman, Chicago, IL

I participated in a workshop given by Alina, and it was the best workshop I have ever attended (and I have attended hundreds). I am a clinical psychologist and am beginning to use EFT in my practice. Alina is an amazing practitioner and teacher. I would highly recommend her.

— D.C Chicago, IL

What an awesome workshop. Thank you for your “team leadership” it is wonderful and so delightful to see how you enhance each other’s incredible skills.

— T.D. Seattle