A Personalized Step by Step Program to Create the EFT Practice of Your Dreams!

Close your eyes and envision this:

  • You’re delivering great EFT sessions to people who need what you offer all around the world
  • You feel confident about how to tell everyone (including your family) what you do without fumbling
  • You know exactly how you’re going to market your business authentically
  • You’re charging exactly what your services are worth
  • You’re feeling completely at ease about being seen and heard on a much bigger stage
Envision your EFT practice of your dreams

Knowing how to tap with clients is a completely different skill-set than creating a thriving business. How will you ensure that you are doing everything you can to have a sustainable practice?

After taking the EFT MBA program, I was able to discover my niche as a Breakup Recovery Coach, which made it very easy to align with my ideal clients. I could identify the hardship and difficulties that my clients were needing support with, and having gone through my own challenges with relationships, I felt that I could build my business from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. I’m really grateful for the guidance of Craig and Alina and their encouragement right away to hone in on a particular niche as it has made my journey thus far incredibly rewarding and inspiring.

Leo Cheung, Breakup Recovery Coach

Building a successful EFT Practice is not easy and I didn’t even know where to start after getting certified as an EFT practitioner. I joined the EFT MBA program and got all the support I needed. What I liked most was the focus on the importance of choosing a niche. I really enjoyed calls where we discussed the topic and tapping on the blocks to implementation. It was great to be with other EFT Practitioners from around the world and the support we provided each other with tapping partners was amazing. I made some lifelong friends with common interests that I will hold on forever.

Carol Richard, Prince Edward Island Canada

After attending several trainings with Alina and Craig, I was inspired to do the MBA. I loved what I saw and experienced in their workshops and felt I needed support with my business.

I was still working in my corporate job and had been a Certified Accredited Practitioner for a few years but had no idea what to do to get things up and running. The MBA made things truly clear for me with what I needed to do in terms of identifying a niche, marketing, knowing how to promote and convey EFT effectively to various audiences and simply to build my confidence to get my business going.

I started transitioning from my corporate gig to running my own practice and I am now successfully running my own EFT business and absolutely clear about what I specialise in and who I work with. I am truly in my bliss and loving it.

The MBA also connected me with other incredible Practitioners who are still very solid in my world. Thank you, Alina and Craig, without this course I would still be doing my corporate gig and not following my dream or living my purpose.

Katie Walker, EFT Master Trainer
Tammy Hardin

I love the fact that Alina and Craig are so committed to seeing EFT practitioners thrive. I love that. They are not just looking for a quick buck. This program is worth every penny. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or brand new to the field of EFT, this is a great resource to help build your practice.

Tammy Hardin, EFT practitioner
Helena Green

Alina and Craig were able to help me discover my market niche that defines and sets my practice apart. I would recommend this comprehensive business training for any practitioner who is serious about a professional, sustainable business practice.

Helena Green, psychotherapist
Elda Dorothy

I now have a very specific niche that I am reaching out to in speaking engagements, on social media, with regular blogging and newsletters. I have referral partners… NOW I’m able to capture people’s attention right away and that is helping me get known out there as the ‘go to’ person for my field. THANK YOU Alina and Craig for a very worthwhile and enjoyable investment for my business!

Elda Dorothy
Dr Kristina Rice Erso

I have been a successful health care professional with over 40 years of expertise yet I did not understand nor appreciate the many unique aspects of integrating energy psychology methods to build a successful coaching practice. The EFT MBA program gave me all the tools I needed to build my dream practice! Thank you Alina and Craig!

Dr. Kristina Rice-Erso

Jules Vandermaat shares her experience with our program.

EFT MBA logo

Why choose THIS program?

There are certainly other Business Coaching and Success Programs out there, but:

  • We are the ONLY ones that exclusively work with tapping coaches because of the unique challenges that you face.
  • We focus on drawing out your authentic voice so that clients will want YOU as their coach.
  • We provide proven step-by-step, soup-to-nuts marketing strategies.
  • We teach you you how to “put yourself out there” while tapping with you to release the fears of success/failure.

What Will You Achieve in this 12-Month Program:

We show you what it takes to hang your shingle and get your business off the ground while developing your online presence and building your referral network. We teach you how to create business opportunities that turn leads into paying clients.

Gain Marketing Know-How

Through monthly modules, starting with creating your niche, you will learn the formula for creating and manifesting a thriving EFT business.

Busting Through Blocks

Quarterly live tapping and Q and A sessions with Craig and Alina PLUS the opportunity to connect and swap sessions with other members.

Resource Library

Video and audio recordings from experts such as Callahan Rush on filling your events, Russell Sparkman on content marketing 101, and Max Dixon on public speaking.

All Your Questions Answered

You have access to the instructors 24/7 through a members-only forum.

One On One Mentorship

You can book discounted 1:1 business strategy sessions with Alina or Craig.

Forever Access

EFT MBA comprehensive training manual and video course modules are yours to keep forever.

Protecting Your Practice

EFT coaches face unique legal challenges. Are your forms in order? Do you know the pitfalls that can trigger legal complaints with regards to your marketing? Get a discount on an in-depth course created by our legal expert just for EFT practitioners.

Continue to Master Your EFT Skills

Because part of being successful in your EFT practice is to become masterful in your EFT skills by retaking EFT level 1-2 or our popular Art of Delivery Course for free.

Video Business Spotlight Interview

We will create for you a personalized video business spotlight interview of you about your EFT business.

Discounted Website Design Packages

It took us years to find web developers who really understand the EFT business. Whether you are building a new website or are ready for a site remodel, we have affordable, reliable, efficient and creative web experts available.

Why Choose Us As Your EFT Business Coaches?

Alina Frank and Craig Weiner

We are the creators of the EFT MBA success program. We created this program because we have been where you are. We struggled and even lost our homes. We spent thousands of dollars on programs and business coaching that did not understand the unique challenges that an EFT practice faces. In finding what worked for us and what didn’t, what propelled our business and what squandered time and energy, we are able to save you the headaches that we had to endure. For over a decade we have provided successful business mentoring to hundreds of EFT coaches around the world.

EFT MBA Program Tuition and Benefits

The following describes the EFT MBA tuition/payment plans, benefits and requirements of participation in the program. By making payment you agree to the terms listed below.

Tuition includes all benefits including:

  • Quarterly live group sessions with Craig and Alina
  • Exclusive access to discounted private business or tapping on business issue sessions ($200 for 60 minute sessions) with either Craig or Alina
  • Course manual
  • Online facilitated private network group
  • Expert audio library
  • Ability to find swap/accountability partnership or work with Alina and Craig’s student practitioners free of charge
  • Master Your EFT Skills by auditing a course or taking Art of Delivery
  • Discounted access to to the legal Risk Management certificate program
  • Access to discounted website design resources
  • The creation of a video business spotlight interview of you on your business
  • 12 video modules and resources to keep featuring everything you need to market your business from using social media, to running courses, creating presentations, building a referral network, and much more.