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Why do you mostly teach on Whidbey?

We feel that stepping into a different space and consciousness when taking our workshops is more beneficial to our students. You could blame it on the smell of Puget Sound, the calling of the eagles and whales, or the friendly laid back artist community but many people find the island special in some ways they just can’t explain. We recommend you go for a walk in the old growth forest or the agate rich beaches during lunch breaks or after the day is over. If you come a day before or leave a day later you can hike the sacred lands of Chinook, or the Earth Sanctuary or enjoy the many galleries and feast on the abundance bounty from our local fishermen and farmers. The island’s motto is “The closest trip to far away” as we are only a 30 minute drive plus a 20 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. Transportation from SeaTac airport is easy with the airport shuttle service. We often have people driving from points north and south of the island that request ride shares or you can rent a car either on the island or at the airport.

What about lodging on Whidbey?

Because we’ve been doing this for so long and islanders have come to know how special our students are, we have quite a number of friends who open up their homes to you. There are rooms available for as little as $40 per night making it more affordable than having to spend the night in a hotel in Seattle if we were holding a workshop there. We share our list of friends’ contact information private until you register for the class. If you’d prefer a more traditional room or B&B we recommend the Langley Chamber website https://www.visitlangley.com/lodging/

What’s your cancellation policy?

You can receive a refund (minus $50 admin fee) up to 3 weeks before the workshop is scheduled to begin. We can also give you credit towards a future training/workshop of your choice.

Do you teach in other places as well?

Our Seattle EFT workshops and training usually happen on the Whidbey since its considered part of the metro area however we do teach annually in South Florida, Palm Desert, Hollyhock Retreat Center in Canada, and Massachusetts. Other regular venues include NY, NM, Chicago, and OR. Special requests have taken us to teach in LA, to D.C. and Israel. If you’d like to have us teach in your area please contact us directly.

What sets your trainings and workshops apart?

Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner apply instructional tools and material they have refined and mastered while teaching hundreds of people around the world. Dr. Craig is also a top Right Brain Aerobics trainer which gives him the ability of making complex neuroscience approachable to all. Alina’s way of including experiential exercises throughout her courses has given the respect of her peers and has given her workshops consistent 5 star reviews by her attendees (many say we hold the best workshops they’ve ever attended). We spent a great deal of money and invested lots of energy training to become top trainers because we understand that even if someone is a good clinician it doesn’t necessarily make them good trainers. We believe that we truly embody the art and science of EFT at its best.

What else do you offer besides EFT Internation EFT Level 1/2/3?

At this time we proudly offer Matrix Reimprinting EFT trainings and Money Mindfulness Mastery training (EFT Universe Specialty Workshop), Manifestation Wheel, online courses including Tapping Out of Trauma and When to End it When to Stay.

Do you offer continuing education hours for professional health professions?

Yes, these vary according to your profession and where you live so please contact us directly for more information.

Regarding Continuing Education (CE) Hours

(Current as of 8/9/2021)

A Certificate of Attendance can be requested and utilized to submit documenting attendance and hours for CE credit with your appropriate state board. We cannot guarantee acceptance however.

Additional CE Information for those in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon

*For Naturopathic Physicians in the State of Washington, our assessment of the coursework offered appears to meet the criteria for continuing education hours as set forth in the Washington WAC 246-83 and RCW 18.36A.040 under the categories of physical modalities and suggestion for EFT Level 1 and Level 2.

*For Naturopathic Physicians in the State of Oregon, our assessment of the coursework provided appears to meet the criteria for continuing education hours as set forth in the Oregon Administrative Rules in Division 40 3850-040-0210 for EFT Level 1 and Level 2

*For Nurses in the State of Washington: Acceptance of CEs for continuing education for EFT Level 1 and Level 2 obtained through this course is appropriate for continuing competency as set forth by nursing commission WAS 246-840-202(4)

*For Washington Mental Health Counselors LMHC, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, LMFT or Licensed Social Workers, LSW, the Washington Department of Health does not review, approve or deny any specific continuing education courses, however we have found the course material for EFT Level 1 and Level 2 to meet the requirements as appropriate for continuing coursework as relevant to and “contributes to the advancement, extension and enhancement of the professional competence of the therapist/counselor and social worker.” as per WAC 246-809-610(2a)

*For Oregon Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and Therapists (LMFT); CEs are offered for this course with certificate of completion for EFT Level 1 and Level 2 that are provided in alignment with the requirements of a webinar based educational program that falls within the category of techniques that may be employed within the context of “the helping relationship, group dynamics and lifestyle development” as provided by a private entity that holds professional certification, as per the requirements of the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists.

*Teachers/Educators in the State of Washington may be eligible for Washington clock hours *Teachers/Educators in the State of Oregon may be eligible for PDUs (Professional Development Units). Please check with your district human resources to be assured of the acceptability of Washington Clock hours or Oregon PDUs.