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Doctor's Perspective

Eliminating Pain with EFT Tapping; A Doctor’s Perspective

The World’s First English/Portuguese EFT Telesummit In 2014, Silvana Prano launched from Brazil, an ambitious project, to bring EFT to the world of Portuguese speaking people. She hand selected experts for the Bright Minds of EFT World Telesummit. Presenters included EFT Masters Ann Adams, Gwenn Bonnell, and Alina Frank, Karin Davidson, Linda Wood, David McKay,…

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Science of Happiness

The Science of Happiness; Ten Ways to Increase Your Happiness Quotient

Dr. Craig Weiner presents a lecture on the Science of Happiness, on October 16, 2014 at the Stanwood Sno Isle Library. This presentation explores research findings the Happiness Set Point, the influential Negativity Bias and 10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness Quotient. He explores the work of Dr’s Seligman and Rick Hanson. Dr. Craig Weiner…

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Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma; Your Past Need Not Determine Your Future

Somatic Trauma Educator Suzanne Fageol and Dr. Craig Weiner, DC and EFT trainer/trauma educator offer this 60 minute presentation exploring how negative things from the past often affect a person’s lifetime and offer insight into healing a traumatic past. They explore a beginning look into the neurobiology of trauma, how negative experiences literally become wired…

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Something More Than Hope

Something More Than Hope: An Extraordinary Journey of Healing from Cancer

Diana Lindsay and her husband Kelly, faced what for some would have been insurmountable odds. She was given a 1% chance of survival over Stage 4 lung cancer. Join us for this Transformational Dialogue with Dr Craig Weiner and the Lindsays as they discuss their unique journey towards healing from cancer and of utilizing both…

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Tapping for Physical Pain: Secrets, Tips, and Expert Techniques; an EFT Universe, Meet the Trainers Module

In this EFT Universe video, Dawson Church interviews certified EFT Universe Trainers Claudia Schecter and Craig Weiner, DC on tips for using EFT Tapping to work with individuals who are suffering from pain. A wide variety of issues are covered including what are the key questions to ask about the physical and emotional contributing factors…

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EFT for Weight Loss

EFT Tapping for Weight Loss; Understanding the Research and Healing the Rebellious “I Don’t Wanna” Voice

This interview with Jon Gabriel was created in collaboration and preparation for the launch of the documentary Lose the Stress, Lose the Weight; EFT Tapping for Weight Loss. It features Jon Gabriel, the developer of the Gabriel Method and Carol Look, a master EFT practitioner. The Science of Natural Healing with Dr. Craig Weiner &…

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Women of Whidbey

Women of Whidbey 2013; Alina Frank Taps Out Some Matrix Reimprinting

WOW! STORIES BECAUSE INSIDE EVERY WHIDBEY WOMAN THERE’S A STORY WORTH SHARING. Alina Frank on the Whidbey Center for the Arts stage in March 2013 as part of the WOW! Stories Conference. Alina Frank is an internationally known EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting EFT trainer, mentor and professional. She is the author of multiple chapters…

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John Graham

John Graham;The Everyday Mystic and One Man’s Death Defying Journey Towards Healing

Dr Craig Weiner, the creator and host of the Transformational Dialogues invited John Graham; the co-director of the Giraffe Heroes Project for this special event. I believe that it demonstrates how despite our resistance, there is an even strong force that pulls us towards resolution and healing. To watch more videos, just check the Audios…

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EFT and Relationships

Energy Psychology, EFT and Relationships; EME Embraces ACEP

For the 11th International webinar on Bridging the Gap Between Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, a grand collaboration occurred between the Energy Medicine Exchhange (EME) and the Association of Energy Psychology (ACEP). The event included a full day of presenter panels including luminaries such as David Feinstein, Dawson Church (EFT),Tapas Fleming (TAT), Starhawk, Dan Benor…

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The Aging Process

Can Matrix Reimprinting Tapping Slow The Aging Process? With Alina Frank

Matrix Reimprinting tapping challenges the linear space time continuum as it allows a person to go into their past and in effect, change it, or at least change how the conscious and subconscious holds it. That profound transformation can effect how we perceive and feel about events going forward in life, thereby holding the possibility…

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New Physics of Possibility

Matrix Reimprinting EFT and the New Physics of Possibility with Alina Frank

Matrix Reimprinting EFT utilizes the new scientific understanding of mater. How the Field draws experiences to us and create our reality has been the subject of Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, and many others. In our Matrix trainings we cover these teachings along with information from the HeartMath institute. Matrix Reimprinting is a brand new Meridian…

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Matrix Reimprinting Skeptic

I Was A Matrix Reimprinting EFT Skeptic. Now I Think It’s a Must For Every EFT Practitioner

I was very skeptical about Matrix Reimprinting EFT. I had a challenge out to my students that if they could find something better than EFT I wanted to know about. Over the years I’d looked at countless new energy medicine and energy psychology modalities, healing tools, and EFT “cousins” and none worked as consistently and…

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