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EFT: A to Z video series [B]: The “Box” Technique aka Tearless Trauma

In this video I’m demonstrating the Box (or sometimes referred to as the Container) Technique which is a version of Tearless Trauma, one of the 3 official EFT Gentle Techniques. In this technique, metaphor and dissociation are key elements that are utilized to keep an EFT client regulated and feeling safe. By using the metaphor…

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EFT: A to Z Video Series [A]: Accountability Coaching

A: Accountability Coaching in the context of an EFT session. When working with a client, it is important to consider that a goal is created by the client and that the practitioner plays a supportive role in holding them accountable to move in that direction. Such goal setting and support enables the sessions to be…

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The Importance of Being Specific When Using EFT

In this video Alina Frank along with Jondi Whitis, Karin Davidson, Loretta Sparks and Fiona Truman discuss the importance of being specific when applying EFT.

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Best Explanation of Matrix Reimprinting

The Best Explanation of Matrix Reimprinting EFT, Memory Reconsolidation, Dissociation, and More

This lecture was given by Craig Weiner as a teaching on how Matrix Reimprinting (MR) can effectively work with and transform traumatic memories. It offers an easy to understand explanation of how MR employs elements of memory reconsolidation and dissociation to provide a gentle and extremely effective technique for working with individuals whose lives have been affected and afflicted by traumatic events and memories and the associated negative beliefs that result from those adverse experiences.

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Holiday Season

Holiday Season Boundary Setting; 3 Key Strategies You Should Implement this Year

For many people, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is a real mix of joy, gifts and family. But it can also be a time of stress, strife and overwhelm. There are social “responsibilities”, home decoration tasks, food preparations, card writing, gift buying. There can also be feelings of separation, isolation and disconnection.…

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Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

What Happens When You Have the Fear of Putting Yourself Out There as an EFT Practitioner

In this first videocast for the EFT Marketing and Business Academy, hosts Alina Frank and Craig Weiner explore the pandemic concern of so many EFT practitioners and coaches; the fear of putting yourself out there, aka the fear of being seen. While being a skilled practitioner is critically important to being an effective practitioner, the…

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Conquering the Fear of Being Seen

Conquering the Fear of Being Seen; Episode 1 on EFT HUB TV

Join hosts, Alina Frank and Craig Weiner of the EFT MBA Marketing and Business Academy Episode 1: Conquering The Fear of Being Seen Afraid you will be exposed as a failure? Afraid you aren’t good enough as a practitioner? Afraid you’ll be seen as an imposter? Afraid you won’t succeed? Afraid of putting yourself out…

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The Fear of Being Seen 2.0; The EFT Coach’s Dilemma

One of our most well listened to podcasts ever was an episode exploring the Fear of Being Seen. As EFT Business and Marketing Coaches, we get a behind the scenes peak at what restricts tapping professionals from thriving and on of the most powerful and predominant themes we see is “The Fear of Being Seen.”For…

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“Story” is What Connects a Community; Transformational Dialogue Christina Baldwin and Craig Weiner

“Story” as Community Connection: Telling One Another Who We Are – and Listening to Who’s Here! A Transformational Dialogue with Christina Baldwin and Craig Weiner, DC A common idiom says “a story is the shortest distance between strangers.” In a community such as South Whidbey we are always weaving a field of stories that inform…

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Our TOP 7 Facebook Tips for a Successful EFT Business

The average American spends more time per day on Facebook than on their pet! Statistics show that Facebook users spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. At 500 million active users, this equates to 1400 minutes per user per month. So over the course of a 30 day month, the average user spends approximately…

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Address Core Beliefs

Using EFT to Address Core Beliefs; “Men are Irresponsible”; A Demonstration Video with Alina Frank

EFT trainer, Alina Frank demonstrates how to use Clinical EFT to address core beliefs with a woman whose experiences have resulted in a belief that “men are irresponsible.” Filmed in conjunction with an EFT Universe training at Hollyhock Retreat Center on Cortes Island, BC.

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