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Matrix Reimprinting Skeptic

I Was A Matrix Reimprinting EFT Skeptic. Now I Think It’s a Must For Every EFT Practitioner

I was very skeptical about Matrix Reimprinting EFT. I had a challenge out to my students that if they could find something better than EFT I wanted to know about. Over the years I’d looked at countless new energy medicine and energy psychology modalities, healing tools, and EFT “cousins” and none worked as consistently and…

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No More Fear of Flying

Up Up and Away! No More Fear of Flying for This Guy after EFT Tapping!

Just What Happened? His words, “You can walk to the back of a plane and it won’t cause it to tilt! The short version is that it went pretty good. Both flights were pretty bumpy, but that never really bothered me…. and once again let me say how much I appreciate what you did for…

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What is Matrix Reimprinting

What is Matrix Reimprinting EFT with Alina Frank

In this video short, Alina Frank, Certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer describes just what it is and how it is different than standard EFT and why it is so effective for dealing with past difficult memories.

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Korean War Veteran

Matrix Reimprinting EFT with a Korean War Veteran

This powerful video demonstrates Alina Frank using EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting EFT with a Korean war veteran. Much can be gleaned from the privilege of viewing the process that this veteran works through. Caution; some descriptions are quite graphic and could be triggering for those individuals suffering from PTSD or others who might be…

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Tap Through Money Blocks

How to Tap Through Your Money Blocks

Alina Frank, EFT trainer and mentor, demonstrates with a young professional woman how EFT Tapping can be used quickly and effectively to resolve blocks to money and financial possibility by learning how to tap through your money blocks and associated negative past experiences.

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Shifting Aspects of EFT

Shifting Aspects in EFT

EFT aspects can be a confusing part of tapping. This video with Alina and Gary Williams from the EFT Hub clearly explains what they are, how they show up and what the cues are that your client has shifted. EFT Tapping EFT aspects and shifting aspects is part of a series on Google hangouts covering…

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EFT Personal Peace Procedure

Explaining the EFT Personal Peace Procedure

In this EFT Hub video, Alina Frank discusses EFT and its transformative application, and explains the EFT Personal Peace Procedure.

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The Dark Side of The Law of Attraction

The Dark Side of the Law of Attraction

In this EFT Hub interviews EFT Universe trainer Alina Frank explores the subconscious repetitive patterns of behavior resulting from trauma. In other words “the compulsion to repeat the trauma” has been acknowledged since Freud and provides insight into why many people continue to re-create over and over the same scenarios that create suffering in their…

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Basic EFT Recipe

Alina Frank and the Basic EFT Recipe; EFT Hub Tapping TV

In this video, EFT trainer Alina Frank, describes the elements of the Basic EFT Recipe, a foundational element for the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

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The Movie Technique

Alina Frank Explains the Movie Technique

In this video, Alina Frank explains the Movie Technique for EFT Hub TV. The Movie Technique, as created by Gary Craig, the EFT founder, is a very gentle EFT tapping technique that is useful for qualified professional practitioners who may be working with clients who have lived through emotionally charged or traumatic experiences.

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Why Tap on the Negative? EFT Tapping Improve Your Skills in Under 5 Minutes

In this video series, Alina Frank explores why it is so important to tap on “the negative” when doing EFT.

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Short Cut Method

The EFT Hub Short Cut Method

Alina Frank demonstrates the EFT Hub Short Cut Method is a potent stealth EFT Tapping shortcut method for using the Emotional Freedom Techniques methodology.

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