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EFT: A to Z video series [D] Dissociation

In the EFT tool kit we have many variations on how to therapeutically employ dissociation to make sessions safe and powerful. Dissociation is a way in which a person can to varying extents separate processes, as in distancing oneself from feeling one’s emotions. When working with emotionally intense feelings and/or traumatic memories, the use of dissociation techniques can help make a client’s experience feel safer and offers a gentler approach.

In this session, Alina Frank works with a woman who has a fear of public speaking and experiences concerns and fears around launching and promoting her book and being taken seriously. The session demonstrates beginning to work with a current life fear, and progresses into working with a childhood event that several dissociation techniques were utilized. The result; client being inspired and excited to take her next step.

This video is not a substitute for live in-person training in EFT aka Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping. The intention here is to 1. Educate the public at large about the quality work done in a real unedited EFT session 2. Have students/mentees of EFT learn different concepts/skills 3. Use as a tap along Borrowing Benefits exercise. To use this video as a way to “borrow benefits” for yourself, write down something that’s bothering you. Give it an intensity level of 0-10. Put that aside and just focus on tapping and repeating what’s being said. Don’t think about what you’ve written. After the session is over look back over at what you’ve written and feel the change.

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