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EFT: A to Z video series [I]: Incongruence

Being and feeling congruent is important in being able to achieve one’s goals. Feeling incongruent is like hearing your favorite song playing on the radio but having it come in full of static, it is unsatisfying and does not result in feeling joyful. EFT aka the Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping is one of the best tools for resolving that part of you that resists, procrastinates and has you feeling like you’ve got one foot on the gas and one on the break.

In this session, EFT trainer Alina Frank works with a woman who was challenged by promoting her business because of concerns of the opinions of others. The work delved into a childhood event, utilizing Basic short-cut EFT.
The results? Within 24 hours she did it! https://www.instagram.com/p/BXIptOTFc…

This video is not a substitute for live in-person training in EFT aka Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping. The intention here is to 1. Educate the public at large about the quality work done in a real unedited EFT session 2. Have students/mentees of EFT learn different concepts/skills 3. Use as a tap along Borrowing Benefits exercise. To use this video as a way to “borrow benefits” for yourself, write down something that’s bothering you. Give it an intensity level of 0-10. Put that aside and just focus on tapping and repeating what’s being said. Don’t think about what you’ve written. After the session is over look back over at what you’ve written and feel the change.

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