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“The Answers to All Your EFT Questions” on the Kryss Castle Podcast

In this podcast, the Kryss Castle Show, Marriage and Family Therapist, Kryss Castle interviews Craig Weiner regarding many aspects of EFT Tapping. Questions explored include:

  • What is EFT and Tapping and what can you use it for?
  • How long has EFT been in existence?
  • How did I initially discover and get involved in EFT?
  • So how does tapping work?
  • Can it really help with reducing physical pain and if so, how does it?
  • What is the stress response and how does EFT help to break the stress cycle? What kind of published studies are there to support its effectiveness?
  • What role does trauma play in a person’s stress response and how does EFT address traumatic experiences and the long term effects of trauma?