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Trauma and Food, Our Relationships to Eating, Weight and Obesity

With Peta Stapleton

What are the effects of trauma on our relationship to food and eating and our weight? In this free Tapping out of Trauma webinar we explore this question in depth with Peta Stapleton, PhD. Peta is a registered Clinical and Health psychologist and is Program Director of the Masters of Clinical Psychology program at Bond University, Australia. She is a sought after speaker, trainer and world leading researcher who presents across Australia and internationally. Peta leads worldwide research into psychological trials into new therapies in the area of obesity and weight management. One of her most significant contributions in her research life has been to lead world-first randomized clinical trials investigating the effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT tapping. The results of this study are comparable to traditional treatment methods for weight management (cognitive behavioral therapy) and have established her as a world leader in her field.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Different ways that people use food as ways to cope with stress
  • What the research has shown regarding connections and how emotions and food are intertwined?
  • What the primary emotions are that cause people turn towards or away from food in order to respond to those feelings?
  • The majority of our listeners and clients are working with deal with emotional overeating. Could you discuss what you have found to be the 4 emotions that form the core of emotional overeating?
  • What the acronym F.A.T.S stand for with regards to triggers for emotional overeating.
  • How not dealing with the four primary eating triggers can be connected to a history of trauma.
  • How are Emotional Overeating and Trauma are linked and what is the published research that supports this connection.
  • What insights into emotional overeating the ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) studies have provided.
  • Understanding the difference between overweight and obesity
  • What the psychological pathway that explains overeating offers us.
  • How inter-generational trauma may offer important insights into the topic of trauma and weight challenges.
  • How effective is EFT when delivered in a variety of formats including individual vs group, in person vs online, etc.
  • What clinical trials with EFT and weight/food issues have demonstrated, including ones personally supervised by Dr. Stapleton.