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Workplace stress

Tapping for Reducing Workplace Stress and Burnout

We all go through periods of workplace stress, but burnout is the result of a prolonged period of stress. Burnout is characterized by a loss of motivation, ideas, creativity, and often results in a general sense of powerlessness. Stress can feel more like hyperactivity while burnout is akin to a total collapsing of life force energy.

Some physical signs of burn out include: indigestion, sleep issues, fatigue, chest pains, and headaches. Emotional signs: feelings of depression, anxiousness, helplessness, or hopelessness

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Heart of Healing

The Heart of Healing – The Deeper Meaning of Healing, by Stephan A. Schwartz

This powerful story about what lies at the hear of healing moved me to tears and I felt that I must offer it on our website as an example of a story that carries the essence of what healing means. I believe that it truly reflects what lies at the very heart of all healing when ego disappears on love is there is. This story is reprinted with permission of both author and publisher.

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EFT Active or Placebo Aspect

Is the Tapping Part of EFT an Active or Placebo Aspect? A Research Study Review

A UK biology/psychology degree graduate of Liverpool John Moores U. wrote this research paper as his undergraduate dissertation for his undergraduate degree. He apparently wanted to explore which aspects of an EFT session were and were not actively involved in the results and create a study to help explore and or eliminate whether it was merely a placebo effect. Some say that perhaps the positive effects of a tapping session when performed with a practitioner are as a result of the connected, therapeutic time spent together.

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We Are All Energy

We Are All Energy; New Study Offers Evidence That We Are Vibrating Frequencies of Energy

A new scholarly research paper reports the development of a new imaging microscopy technique that gives credence to the importance of our “vibrational frequency” being a key element of life. The idea that proteins in our body vibrate has always been suspected, but this new technology has given us the first verifiable evidence that this is true and is able to be observed on the smallest of scales.

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Body emotions

Where Do We Feel Happiness, Anger and Love; New Body Emotions Map

In the Dec. 30, 2013 Discover Magazine Blog, author Gemma Terlach reports on a new study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. that studied over 700 individuals from Sweden, Taiwan and Finland, looking to explore where emotions registered and were felt in their bodies. The researchers had the participants map the physical correlates of a wide range of emotions to see if they could find consistent “body mapping” similarities. In other words, did people consistently feel anxiety in their belly, or grief in their “hearts”? That is exactly what they found, irregardless of cultural and national differences. While this may be something most people know intuitively, this is the first comprehensive study to validate this notion.

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EFT Tapping,Telling Lies and Keeping Secrets; Facing the New Year

Everyday I work with clients on the issue of facing the truth about themselves or others. Deception is so easy that I have come to believe that it’s inevitable- we tell ourselves lies to keep ourselves safe, to remain comfortable, or to prevent our life circumstances from changing.

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EFT Tapping Training Checklist

The EFT Tapping Training Checklist; The Top 7 Things To Never Forget

What are the 7 critical steps you need to check to make sure you’re being most effective with EFT. Keep this EFT Tapping Training checklist by your side when tapping. This chart put together by Alina Frank and Craig Weiner, DC, international EFT trainers and mentoring consultants.

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Mindfulness Meditation

EFT and Mindfulness Meditation; Can Both Create Epigenetic Changes?

Today I found myself dreaming of the day…the day when the EFT research community had the funding to do the very study that went viral today in the neuroscience and consciousness communities. In case you had not heard, a new study was released that seems to be the first research showing gene expression changes after…

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Tapping Your Way to Success

Tapping Your Way to Success; New Year’s Resolutions Done Different!

What do champagne, the neon ball in Times Square, and New Year’s resolutions all have in common? They all appear sparkly and bright on December 31 and almost the next day have disappeared. Research shows that up to 88% of New Year’s resolutions end in failure, yet each year more than half of Americans still make them. What is it about the changing of the year that either inspires or pressures people to make such a great effort to try and change something that they have been unable to accomplish over the past 365 days?

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Tapping Chiropractor

Confessions of a Tapping Chiropractor: EFT and Back Pain and Negative Emotions

Mind-body techniques like EFT, originally developed by Gary Craig, as one well-researched example, can be extremely effective in reducing the internal intensity of negative thoughts and feelings that lead to increased tension (muscular, cardiovascular, etc.) that can easily lead to the onset of back pain with just a bad night’s sleep or a simple wrong movement when the stress is there in the body waiting for an excuse to finally get your attention.

I had to learn this the hard way years ago when my back had gone into spasm and I was bent over in pain after working in the yard for most of the day.

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Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma

The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma; EFT and Re-Enactment Case Study

A theory well described in Bessel A. van der Kolk’s 1989 article, The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma; Re-enactment, Re-victimization and Masochism. He reports that when a person is exposed to trauma, especially in childhood, traumatic events such as those experienced in this man’s life; loss of a parent, exposure to suicide, violence to a school friend, and likely even more that may never be known, there is a profound impact on an individual’s psychological development and the resultant compulsive behavioral repetition may even be accompanied by a loss of conscious memory of the original traumas.

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Working on Yourself

Working on Yourself is a Must if You Want to Succeed in the EFT Business

Working on Yourself is a Must if You Want to Succeed in the EFT Business. Without it, you will be less effective and more vulnerable to the emotional swings of vicarious or secondary trauma. A few weeks ago I had a very upset client come into my office to tell me off! I rent an office inside the East West Bookshop in Seattle one day each week. I began seeing clients there when I had a consistent client base in the city. (We advocate keeping overhead expenses low when you first start your EFT business.) My practitioner suite is a private room in the back of the store with sliding name plates on the door; one has my name on it and the other reads “in session”. My door is kept open between sessions.

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