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5 EFT MBA Signs That You’ve “Got No Niche!” in Your EFT Business and Why it Matters

Craig and I love working with EFT coaches. We enjoy working with tapping students who have just started their journey. We equally love training seasoned coaches who really  need help with the business and marketing aspect of their practice. After many years of working with coaches individually and in the EFT  Marketing Business Academy (EFT  MBA) program, we have recognized an all too familiar challenge – the quest for a coach to define their practice niche. If you check the pulse of the EFT Tapping profession, (as we have, by conducting market research) you will find that EFT coaches still don’t understand the importance of clarifying a specific target or target market. Creating a niche around working with people on issues related to “wealth and success in business” is fine, if that authentically inspires and uplifts you. But for many coaches it isn’t juicy enough to be sustainable over time. A large part of the formula for EFT practice success requires the elements of inspiration, consistency and sustainabiliity.

We commonly hear the following statements from coaches when they begin our program:

“I work with anyone and everyone”

“EFT can help everything”

“If I just align with the Law of Attraction then I’ll have a booming business in no time”

Most EFT  coaches fight the idea of defining their niche. I know, I did for many years. I also heard the message that I should define my niche. BUT, the enterpreneurial business gurus I hired to help me grow my business thought incorrectly that 1. EFT was my niche (EFT is NOT A NICHE!) 2. That I could market myself the way their other clients did. (This did not take into consideration the legal ramifications of doing what an EFT coach does. In other words, having a niche focused on Pain, or Anxiety or people suffering with PTSD without being licensed would make me extremely vulnerable to legal scrutiny.

The old adage that “if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten” ,couldn’t be more true for EFT coaches that are struggling and have not yet defined their niche then wonder why their practices are not going gangbusters.

Here are signs that you are working with No Niche, or a vague niche at best:

  1. You aren’t seeing enough clients and you struggle to get them.
  2. People do not see you as an authority in their problem.
  3. You are priced on the lower end of the EFT coach’s pay scale (between $50-$400 per hour is the wide range we see)
  4. You say yes to every prospect (despite a gut feeling that you shouldn’t).
  5. You can’t explain “what you do” to other people in a way that effectively and consistently makes them ask for your card.

If you do not spend time drawing from your inner knowing and crafting your unique voice in the crowd you will end up pigeonholing yourself as just another alternative “healer”. In our EFT Marketing Business Academy (EFT MBA) program, we offer you months of support, exercises, and training so that you can finally fulfill your life’s purpose to help many others with this amazing tool. You have a unique contribution, unique life journey, you have a destiny to fulfill. When you clarify your authentic niche you not only fuel that Divine spark that’s been dormant but you also end up doing your best work.

Alina Frank