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Overcoming Blocks to Your Kick–ss EFT Business! Money Mindset Podcast with Jen Cincurak ND

Are you in love with EFT?

Have you trained in it and know you’re a great practitioner?

And are you also struggling to get your business started or thriving to the level you’d love?

Enter today’s podcast!

In this episode Craig Weiner and I have a fantastic discussion about ALL the practical and mindset blocks that oh so many of us run right into when creating our own business.

In fact, that’s how Craig started working with people around these issues in the first place!

In this interview we break down:

  • how tapping plays a HUGE role in all parts of business building
  • how loads of people can’t just watch a youtube video then successfully implement
  • why community is important while building your business
  • the big blocks around choosing a niche
  • the ways that deserving and feeling ‘good enough’ show up while you build your business
  • pricing; all it’s many mental footfalls and how they help people price for -what’s best for their business
  • the difference between growing a business locally vs. online
  • how they help people take the steps that are right for them rather than follow a rigid model; and
  • a beautiful example tapping on a past coaching experience

AND, if hearing what Craig has to say is sounding mighty interesting to you, check out his business course, tailored to EFT practitioners, go to www.eftmba.com