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EFT Tapping Training Testimonials

These testimonials are but a small sampling of many of our student’s feedback after having taken a training from us. While we cannot guarantee that you will feel exactly the same way after completing a training, we believe that these quotes give you a fairly good idea of the feedback we receive.

I really felt that Alina’s workshop was great and I am very satisfied with the amazing learning experience I had there. Thanks very much for this wonderful teaching and insights into EFT.

— Selena Maldonado

A well-tuned workshop, with an appropriate level of information, lost of experiential opportunities, and well-considered reviews of the material. The chance for me to practice, make mistakes, and re-try, under your expert guidance, gave me an invaluable opportunity to test my knowledge. The triad and dyad work with other participants solidified what I learned during the lecture parts of the workshop. Thank you so much!

— LaDawn Billerio, PhD

Alina is so clear, relaxed, and gentle in her approach. After spending this time with her at the workshop, I am eager to apply it to benefit my clients in my clinical practice. Even though this was my second Level 2, I had progressed so far since the first Level 2 that it felt like an entirely new workshop. Seeing Alina’s step-by-step demonstration of the Movie Technique alone was worth the trip.

— Gaven Adams, LCSW

I’m getting closer and closer to practicing EFT professionally, and found this weekend so validating. I’ve taken several of Alina’s workshops, and they just keep getting better (if possible!).

— Craig Manson, LPC

After Alina’s workshop, I feel much more confident doing EFT with myself and with my clients. The more I practiced under her guidance, the better I got at set-up statements. Alina is an experienced, quality teacher of the complex material in the EFT Universe curriculum. Her many years of experience doing EFT is obvious to her students.

— Annie Verdun

The instruction was extremely effective, which contributed to the shifts we all experienced in the practice sessions. This was a very powerful weekend for me, both personally and professionally. Before the EFT Universe workshops, I was nervous using EFT with patients. I’m now much more grounded in the science and the practice than I was before.

— Gabriel Ridder, MD

I learned so much from Alina’s expert demonstrations. Her feedback and insight was invaluable in helping me grow as a person and as a practitioner. I feel much more confident with EFT now than I did before the workshop. Thank you!

— Sarah Paradin

I am deeply grateful to Alina and Craig, and to EFT Universe, for offering these brilliant trainings. They gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get back on track with my life journey.

— Erica Enrici

This workshop is designed for anyone who cares about other people. We all desperately need stress and pain relief, and workshop participants leave with ample resources to add value to the lives of others.

— Dennis W. Mills

I really enjoyed the authenticity and comfort of both practitioners. They are both fun and brilliant.

— Andrea Scott

The people people attending were all wonderful. Being part of the tapping as others shared their stories created a high degree of cameraderie and trust. Alina’s hands-on demonstrations with clients were amazing.

— Belinda Harris

I was thrilled with my new learnings, the specific skills I gained, and Alina’s clear process of how to work with a client.

— Ralph Abraham

Alina Frank was very professional, informative, and caring.The demonstrations, and the freedom to ask questions, really spurred my learning. Amazing work, and an amazing teacher!

— Mary McGuire, LCSW