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Creating an Energetic Vortex to Manifest the Love of Your Life

In this Shift Network Energy Medicine Summit event, Alina Frank and Craig Weiner are interviewed by Dondi Dahlin on using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to manifest your lifemate/soulmate. This interview is part of the Energy Medicine & Healing Summit, a free online event where experts from diverse areas of energy medicine and healing share cutting-edge…

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How To Talk About The Science Around EFT with Craig Weiner

When we introduce EFT to others it can catch them off guard. Most people have nothing to compare tapping to, which creates lots of questions. It can be frustrating to lack a clear and believable way to talk about tapping that is appropriate for newcomers. In this conversation Craig Weiner shares how we can explain…

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Multiple Revenue Streams for Your EFT Business

Is your EFT income tied only to the number of hours you spend with your paying clients? Are you tired of working so hard and having only a single stream of income? Don’t you wonder what it would be like to have income coming in from your EFT Business while you were asleep or on…

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Energy Psychology? Exploring the Science of an Emerging Paradigm

This is the 4th installment in the “Transformational Pathways: Integrating mind body approaches to thriving not just surviving” podcast series with Michael Ostrolenk and Doctor Craig Weiner. Today they explore the world of energy psychology – a subset of energy medicine – a variety of healing modalities including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional…

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The Fear of Failing; Overcoming the Self-Doubt with EFT

Are you plagued by Atychiphobia? (aka the fear of failing) Why is it that most of us have had experiences of both failing and succeeding in our lives and yet the fear of the first can become so overwhelmingly large that it can paralyze us from moving forward, even in the pursuits of our greatest…

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The Fear of Public Speaking (About EFT); What Will They Think!

Everyone knows that the fear of public speaking is one of the most predominant fears, even rivaling the fear of death itself! But simply knowing that the thought of speaking to a group or audience, especially about EFT, can give you the butterflies and makes your palm sweat is not enough to do anything more…

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What Stops Me From Charging What I’m Really Worth?

Of all the coaches and practitioners that we have worked with and mentored, it has been a rare occurance that they have charged too much or their fees were too high. The predominant situation is that these practitioners undercut themselves, and give away their time and energy for less than they should out of self-doubt…

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Your Work Promoted by Others

How to Get Your Work Promoted by Others!

Sometimes as an entrepreneur it can be exhausting because you are wearing so many hats…you are the creative product producer, CEO, COO, CFO, the marketing department, customer service officer and more! Having a successful solo business, EFT or otherwise, can be demanding and we need to look at ways to reach out to audiences that…

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Why Do So Many EFT Coaches Report a Fear of Success? 2.0

As EFT Business Coaches, we have the opportunity to work with many tapping practitioners and are constantly surprised at how many of them express a deep seated fear of financial success. The issues that arise regarding charging for their time and services run the gamut, ranging from not wanting to offend the client, to not…

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Our TOP 7 Linked In Tips for a Successful EFT Business

Linked in reaches more than 332 million people who are there to create business, find business and collaborations…it is the social media site where people take each other seriously and are not looking to see what selfie a-friend-of-a-friend took from the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are looking to grow your EFT business, you should…

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Diagnose or not diagnose

To Diagnose or Not Diagnose: the Implications for Healing

Dr. Craig Weiner is back on the Michael Ostrolenk Future is Now podcast for the second podcast in the series,“Transformational Pathways: Integrating mind body approaches to thriving not just surviving. In this episode they examine the pros and cons of today’s paradigm of diagnosis, its health ramifications for patients, and how this art and science…

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Integrating Mind Body Approaches to Health; Shouldn’t Patients be Treated as Whole People and Not Just Parts?

In this podcast of The Michael Ostrolenk, Future is Now broadcast, Dr. Craig Weiner – discusses what it takes to empower individuals to heal themselves. This podcast examines a critical step in accomplishing this: seeing the patient as a whole, not just a symptom or diseases; Dr. Weiner answers the question, “What does it mean…

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