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The Fear of Being Seen 2.0; The EFT Coach’s Dilemma

One of our most well listened to podcasts ever was an episode exploring the Fear of Being Seen. As EFT Business and Marketing Coaches, we get a behind the scenes peak at what restricts tapping professionals from thriving and on of the most powerful and predominant themes we see is “The Fear of Being Seen.”For…

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Why Do So Many EFT Coaches Report a Fear of Success? 2.0

As EFT Business Coaches, we have the opportunity to work with many tapping practitioners and are constantly surprised at how many of them express a deep seated fear of financial success. The issues that arise regarding charging for their time and services run the gamut, ranging from not wanting to offend the client, to not…

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Our TOP 7 Linked In Tips for a Successful EFT Business

Linked in reaches more than 332 million people who are there to create business, find business and collaborations…it is the social media site where people take each other seriously and are not looking to see what selfie a-friend-of-a-friend took from the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are looking to grow your EFT business, you should…

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Diagnose or not diagnose

To Diagnose or Not Diagnose: the Implications for Healing

Dr. Craig Weiner is back on the Michael Ostrolenk Future is Now podcast for the second podcast in the series,“Transformational Pathways: Integrating mind body approaches to thriving not just surviving. In this episode they examine the pros and cons of today’s paradigm of diagnosis, its health ramifications for patients, and how this art and science…

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Integrating Mind Body Approaches to Health; Shouldn’t Patients be Treated as Whole People and Not Just Parts?

In this podcast of The Michael Ostrolenk, Future is Now broadcast, Dr. Craig Weiner – discusses what it takes to empower individuals to heal themselves. This podcast examines a critical step in accomplishing this: seeing the patient as a whole, not just a symptom or diseases; Dr. Weiner answers the question, “What does it mean…

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Our TOP 7 Facebook Tips for a Successful EFT Business

The average American spends more time per day on Facebook than on their pet! Statistics show that Facebook users spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. At 500 million active users, this equates to 1400 minutes per user per month. So over the course of a 30 day month, the average user spends approximately…

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Is it Time to Quit Your Job and Start Your EFT Business?

Torn Between Two Vocations? It may not exactly make a great Top 40 song but it does hold truth for many EFT practitioners and their EFT business. We have witnessed many a practitioner who out of fear holds on too long to a job they hate but are scared to let go of. Is it…

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Find Your Niche

Find Your Niche or Fade Away in the EFT Business

The Illusion: All I have to do to succeed in having an EFT practice is being passionate for the work and being really good at what I do. The Truth: This is a myth. In mentoring and coaching thousands of EFT practitioners, without having a specialty focus or niche, we rarely see a practitioner having…

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Personal Life Dramas

How Your Personal Life Dramas Can Affect Your EFT Business

There is no doubt about it, your history can follow you. Your personal life dramas and traumas can be like shadows that never let go of you. You try to start fresh, you begin a new tapping career and the same disappointments of your past rear up in what was supposed to be a new…

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EFT Webinar

So You Want to Create an EFT Webinar?

If you are an EFT practitioner, the likelihood is good that you have participated in an EFT webinar. In your mind you are thinking, “I could do that!.” Or perhaps, the little voice in your head is saying, “I would love to do that but I am not tech savy enough to be able to…

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You Already Know What to do For Your EFT Business, But You Just Don’t Do It

You’ve set your goals. You’ve learned the skills. You even have some understanding about marketing but you just don’t follow through. Instead you stay in your comfort zone, and are averse to taking risks, so the opportunities don’t come knocking at your door. You watch while other newer practitioners seem to have skyrocketing practices and…

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What Losing Two Homes Taught Us About Succeeding in Business

In 2007, during the recession and worst housing crisis ever, Alina and Craig were both forced to sell their homes and virtually start from scratch. Along the way they learned valuable lessons about kicking their businesses into gear and turn a financial crisis into booming prosperity. Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank are the hosts…

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