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How To Talk About The Science Around EFT with Craig Weiner

When we introduce EFT to others it can catch them off guard. Most people have nothing to compare tapping to, which creates lots of questions.

It can be frustrating to lack a clear and believable way to talk about tapping that is appropriate for newcomers.

In this conversation Craig Weiner shares how we can explain EFT to others in a helpful and understandable manner.

Pod#180 Tapping Q&A with Gene Monterastelli

Contact Craig: web @ EFTtappingtraining.com; web @TappingOutOfTrauma.com

About Craig: Craig Weiner, DC has immersed himself in the field of Mind-Body Medicine for nearly 30 years as a chiropractor and EFT Tapping trainer/practitioner. Together with his wife Alina Frank, he trains individuals and practitioners/professionals in the Science, Art and Business of EFT for multiple certifying organizations. His passion for making neuroscience understandable and accessible, has led him to working collaboratively on multiple projects relevant to that purpose, including co-producing the upcoming film, “The Science of Tapping” and co-creating the very successful online course, Tapping Out of Trauma.

Gene Monterastelli is a Brooklyn based EFT practitioner who in addition to work with clients and groups regularly writes and records about how to use the tapping to move from self-sabotage to productive action. He is the creator and producer of Tapping Q&A