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Practice Ethics for Integrative Practitioners; A Personal Conversation

In this interview, Allison Simpson from the European Institute of Integrative Health Sciences and Craig Weiner, chiropractor and EFT trainer/practitioner explore a variety of ethical considerations. This conversation was recorded for assisting integrative health care students to have a deeper understanding of questions and challenges that can arise within professional practice and explores real life scenarios and hopefully helpful insights.

Discussion points include:

  • Why it is important for integrative health care practitioners to have and define their scope and limitations of practice accurately and clearly.
  • The importance of client safety and developing rapport between practitioner and client.
  • The importance of informed consent.
  • The need for supporting client self autonomy.
  • Why being trauma-informed is so critical.
  • What kinds of situations can occur for a practitioner when a practitioner’s ethics are challenged?
  • Why it is so important to develop inter-professional referral relationships.