EFT Tapping Training Institute Digital Library


Digital Download

3 Core Coaching Concepts audio

Skills that coaches use will take your sessions to the next level. 1 hour long demo can be found here http://tinyurl.com/y8oqnra9

Working with Couples audio

Alina Frank and Craig Weiner discuss their protocols for working with couples and relationship issues using EFT.

Getting to Specifics audio

What sets apart a mediocre practitioner from a highly-skilled one. You’ll hear one example after another of Alina’s questions takes each client from general/global to specific event.

Reframing/Positive Tapping audio

We feel that if you are going to include “positive” tapping you need to learn to do it the right way. This covers material generally taught in EFT Level 3 trainings.

Psychological Reversals/Secondary Gains audio

Part of the foundational practitioner skill audios. The #1 reason why chronic conditions won’t budge. Find out how to correct these. Includes demo.

Shifting Aspects audio

Part of the three practitioner skill audios that should be mastered. Learn what it’s like to follow the client from aspect to aspect. Includes demo.

Shapeshifting Weight Release audio

These tapping prompts can be used for your clients struggling with weight loss. This material was gleaned from live in person groups held by Alina.

Alchemy of Prosperity video

This video is from a lecture Alina did which focuses on resolving money issues from a spiritual perspective using EFT.