EFT for Self Care


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Learn How to Use EFT Tapping for Self-Care

  • Do you find yourself anxious and stressed by what’s occurring in your life and are looking for relief?
  • Are you looking for a simple and effective method that can help you quickly feel calmer and more at peace?
  • Does the idea of easily learning a natural, research-based approach to quickly reducing fear, stress and worry interest you?
  • Have you heard about EFT Tapping yet? Maybe you read about it in an article in your favorite blog or magazine or podcast or maybe saw it on a recent news report. This could be just the thing you are looking for.

Here are just a few things you may have wondered if it could help you with:

  • Helping to lower your emotional and psychological stress levels
  • Overcoming blocks that get in the way of you thriving at work or your financial abundance
  • Finding a way to break unhealthy patterns or improve your motivation with regards to your physical health (i.e. snacking/craving, exercise, etc.)
  • Feel empowered enough to have the kind of relationships and friendships you deserve
  • Letting go of those persistent thoughts and doubts that have you sell yourself short and stop you from leading the life a part of you knows is possible.

We see people overcome those kinds of concerns every single day. Not only that but published scientific research studies have shown EFT to be extremely helpful in reducing feelings of (and the stress hormone cortisol levels related to) stress and anxiety, reduce physical pain conditions such as headaches, decrease food cravings and support weight loss, improve sports performance and much more.

One of the most important things about EFT is that once learned, the techniques can be effectively self-applied for a wide variety of these situations. Self-tapping can be applied any time, privately or even in public “stealth-mode” where nobody knows you are even doing it!

During these times of high stress, having simple-to-learn tools that you can easily use as a resource to self-regulate your emotions can be a game changer.

So how can you really learn how to do EFT for yourself in the most effective way as demonstrated by the scientific research? Well you could read a book or watch some recording, but then you can’t ask questions or get any feedback and that kind of interaction we have found to be the key in feeling confident to continue using this technique.

In this information packed 90 minute video recorded class we will teach you how to use EFT for:

  • Helping to reduce physical pain and discomfort
  • Self-regulating yourself during emotionally stressful situations
  • Reducing cravings (with a special focus on food cravings)

What makes us so sure that you will come away from this online class feeling confident in how to immediately apply it to the challenges in your life? Your instructors, Alina Frank and Craig Weiner, DC have taught EFT to THOUSANDS of people around the world. Combined they have 25 years of EFT experience. They have been awarded the designation of Master Trainers of Trainers by EFT International. Rarely will you have two teachers of this skill level co-teaching this kind of course.