META-Health Foundation Course; Uncovering Emotional Root Causes of Health Challenges

Instructor Craig Weiner, DC, Licensed MetaHealth Foundation Trainer, EFT Master Trainer of Trainers.

Learn to apply a method of analysis that effectively guides the application and integration of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other alternative healing modalities you may already currently use for yourself and on your clients.

Discover how symptoms and disease are actually an intelligent process that is the body’s attempt to heal stress and trauma. With this knowledge, fear can be greatly reduced and a therapeutic intervention can then be utilized in a more precise way. You and your clients will achieve results faster and will be amazed at the insights, connections and progress they make in their healing journey.

META-Health is the science, practice and art of Body-Mind-Social Health with a focus on how specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affect specific organ symptoms. META-Health is a methodology based on Integrative Medicine and Prevention and is practiced by all types of health professionals interested in a precise and effective Body-Mind-Social analysis and approach towards most effectively supporting individuals working to find emotional and physical healing.

Your trainer for this Foundation weekend will be Craig Weiner, who has worked in the complementary health care field for over 30 years. He brings his professional clinical experience, his years as an educator and certified trainer in the Emotional Freedom Techqniques and Matrix Reimprinting and as a licensed META-Health Foundation Trainer.

In the Foundation Course you will get the overview of the META-Health concepts and its implications for self-healing, assistance in transforming disease, and achieving sustainable health and resilience, including:

  • Rhythms of life, and the organism’s self-regulating intelligence
  • How the bio-logical needs change your perception and create life strategies
  • How to decode the language of your organs
  • Recognize the key points and phases of the healing process
  • Experience the powerful META-Analytics questions
  • Use the 8 milestones of META-Health to address the whole system and its soil
  • Find META-meanings to create resilience
  • Demonstrations and practical exercises will lead you to deeply integrate the wisdom of your body, and inspire you to actively claim and support your health.
  • You will understand the natural, dynamic path of healing, and be empowered to lift your – and others’ – consciousness to make use of our potential!

During this weekend we will spend time reviewing the core META-Health Principles:

  • Our body-mind is highly intelligent
  • Bio-logical survival and stress strategies, regeneration and resilience are at play in our brain, nervous system and hormonal system
  • Significant emotional experiences shape our beliefs, personality and lifestyle
  • Specific individual stress triggers influence typical organ tissues and functions
  • The cycle of stress, regeneration and learning goes through distinct points and phases
  • Awareness and imagination are capabilities of our brain which can recreate meaning and reprogram body-mind’s reactions

There is no pre-requisite to taking this weekend course. Anyone who is interested can participate in the META-Health Foundation Training. The Foundation Training is the first step in becoming a certified META-Health Practitioner.

Times: The course is a 12 hours training and will be held from 9:00 to 4:00 Seattle/Pacific time on both Friday and Saturday with a 60 minute lunch break held at approximately 12:30pm.