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The Role of Shame in Recovering from Trauma

With Connie Dawson, PhD

What role can feelings of shame play when working to find resolution for healing from trauma? In this free Tapping out of Trauma interview, Connie Dawson, PhD, the author of Life Beyond Shame explores with us the many ways that the feelings and state of shame can effect and interfere with the healing process with regards to overcoming trauma. As an educator, attachment therapist, and author, Connie is fascinated by the mechanisms of humiliation we’ve come to regard as normal. Connie is an invited member of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Network, an international group addressing the role humiliation plays in conflicts of all kinds. In this webinar we explore:

  • What shame is, what may result in the experience of shame and how it affects are lives, especially with regards to trauma.
  • What is the relationship between shame and trauma?
  • How shaming that can be traumatizing and how trauma can result in a sense of Shame.
  • What are the essential origins of Shame Based Trauma?
  • Connie will teach about what in her book she refers to as the 7 Shame Based Rules and examples of how they operate.
  • We discuss what “Shame Hooks” are and how to work with the elusive, sticky, convoluted nature of shame.
  • Why as adults we have such a hard time identifying shame and yet so easily are affected by it?
  • What some of the physical qualities are that may show up for a person who has experienced “Shame Exposure.”
  • What roles adverse adult and childhood trauma can play in seeding feelings of ongoing shame
  • How shame can show up in such a wide range of self-limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors?
  • How to know if shame is a key involved element that you should focusing your personal work on?
  • How to know as a practitioner when you might suspect that working directly on Shame as an issue is something you might want to focus on.

The difference between shame as an experience or felt sense with emotional and physiological elements vs more global beliefs that can have far reaching effects far beyond the specifics of any one singular traumatic shaming experience…