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The Intersection of Spirituality and Somatic Trauma Work

With Joan Borysenko, PhD

In this biannual presentation, we explore a wide variety of approaches and perspectives for working with healing with and from trauma. We are honored to offer you a special event with a world renowned clinician and educator, Dr. Joan Borysenko. In this fascinating inquiry about the intersection and integration of spirituality and trauma, here are just a few of the questions we explore:

Spirituality is not about ideas, sacred texts and theology; rather spirituality is all about emotion and social connection…

  • How can we find a useful definition of spirituality without jargon or required religious context
  • We explore the role of resourcing and inspiration as a gentle tool for working with trauma
  • What are embodied spiritual experiences and how might they be integrated into the work
  • What kind of spiritual practices might best serve those seeking to find meaning and progress in their trauma healing
  • Why spiritual practices have the ability to produce neuroregulated states of emotional and physical well-being
  • Why should we view spirituality as a resource in trauma work and not just a means of eliminating trauma states and emotions?
  • As practitioners how can we most effectively and safely introduce spiritual practice as a resource given the diversity of clients’ past relationships with spiritual/faith based explorations.
  • What are considerations for evaluating a spiritual practice as being helpful or unhelpful to a person’s trauma recovery.
  • What are the common denominators, neurological and otherwise that may account for what is often seen both in EFT and spiritual practice related outcomes?
  • Can we view spiritual connection both as a resource and as an outcome of somatic trauma work.

Our guest, Joan Borysenko has been described as “a rare jewel: respected scientist, gifted therapist and unabashed mystic.”* A powerful and articulate writer and speaker, Dr. Borysenko has a clear personal vision- to bring science, medicine and spirituality together in the service of healing and peace. She completed both her doctoral and post-doctoral studies at the Harvard Medical School in cancer cell biology and behavioral medicine, returning later in her career as an Instructor in Medicine. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and co-founder and former director of the mind-body clinical programs at the Beth Israel/New England Deaconess Medical Center on which her New York Times best-seller, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind was based. President of Mind/Body Health Sciences, LLC since 1988, she is the author of seventeen books on integrative medicine, psychology, spirituality and women’s studies. You can find out more about her at www.joanborysenko.com.