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EFT: Tapping Out of Trauma with Dr. Craig Weiner

What is EFT Tapping, how does it work and what makes it effective?

What are the applications for working with addiction, trauma, and emotional self-regulation?

What are the possibilities for facilitating post-traumatic growth and resilience?

Discover these brilliant insights and so much more on the latest episode Kaleidoscope of Possibilities: Alternative Perspectives on Mental Health, in which host Dr. Adriana Popescu speaks with EFT tapping and trauma expert Dr. Craig Weiner. In this dynamic conversation, you will hear about the possibilities with EFT tapping, learn what the research is showing and find information and strategies to make this work more effective as a practitioner. 

In this episode:

  • Dr. Weiner’s journey
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping
  • ACEP: Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • NET/Neuro-Emotional Technique
  • The origins of EFT tapping
  • Roger Callahan’s work
  • How EFT works
  • Harvard acupuncture study
  • Trauma work with EFT
  • PTSD
  • The importance of safety
  • Gabor Maté’s work
  • Trauma and practitioners
  • Emotional self-regulation
  • Empowerment
  • Generalization effect
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • Stages of trauma healing
  • Post-traumatic resilience

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Dr. Weiner’s website: https://www.efttappingtraining.com/

EFT Nation podcast: https://www.efttappingtraining.com/eft-nation-podcasts/

ACEP: https://www.energypsych.org/

About Dr. Weiner:

Dr. Craig Weiner has spent over 35 years working in the healthcare field. He is a director of the EFT Tapping Training Institute and currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Trustees for EFT International. He is a certified and accredited advanced EFT practitioner, mentor and EFT master trainer of trainers. In addition he is a trainer of Matrix Reimprinting and a founder of the Tapping out of Trauma continuing education seminars. Along with his wife, Alina Frank, they co-produced the film The Science of Tapping and are the creators of the podcast, EFT Nation. He is profoundly interested in the underlying emotional and physical connections that stem from adversity and trauma as well as the facilitation of the transformation of trauma to post-resilience and post-traumatic growth. More information can be found at EFTtappingtraining.com

“EFT goes very deep, very quickly.” – Dr. Weiner

About your host:

Dr. Adriana Popescu is a clinical psychologist, addiction and trauma specialist, author, speaker and empowerment coach who is based in San Francisco, California and practices worldwide. She is the author of the new book, What If You’re Not As F***d Up As You Think You Are?

For more information on Dr. Adriana, her sessions and classes, please visit: https://adrianapopescu.org/

To find her new book please visit: https://whatifyourenot.com/

To learn about her new trauma treatment center Firebird Healing, please visit the website: https://www.firebird-healing.com/