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Something More Than Hope: An Extraordinary Journey of Healing from Cancer

Diana Lindsay and her husband Kelly, faced what for some would have been insurmountable odds. She was given a 1% chance of survival over Stage 4 lung cancer. Join us for this Transformational Dialogue with Dr Craig Weiner and the Lindsays as they discuss their unique journey towards healing from cancer and of utilizing both mainstream and non-allopathic methods to overcome the odds. They explore what is was like for Diana to establish deep and accurate communication with the cells of her body and what it took for Kelly to shift from living a life looking at probabilities to possibilities and let go of belief models that needed to be released for them to heal individually and together. Their story is now also told in their newly released book, Something More Than Hope.

This Transformational Dialogue production and interview was produced and conducted by Craig Weiner, DC at the Chiropractic Zone Sears House, in Langley, WA on September 30, 2014.