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Practice in Integrity; Risk Management Strategies for EFT / Tapping Practitioners

With Midge Murphy, JD, PhD

What does an EFT Tapping practitioner need to know to safeguard themselves, their practice and their clients? In this free Tapping out of Trauma webinar, the author of Practice Energy Healing in Integrity; the Joy of Offering Your Gifts Legally and Ethically, Midge Murphy, JD, PhD is interviewed about a wide range of topics that are of concern to every tapping practitioner. In this interview we dig deep and explore:

  • The significance of understanding your scope of practice as a licensed or non-licensed tapping practitioner
  • What the most common pitfalls are with regards to tapping practitioners marketing their practice.
  • How a practitioner can best balance being cautious, mindful and professional while not being paralyzed by inaction due to fear and worry about legal vulnerability.
  • When should a practitioner consider legal consultation; for what, why and when.
  • Whether certification is an important consideration for both licensed and non-licensed practitioners.
  • How it’s possible to provide a heart-centered service to clients while still taking self protective steps that are important to provide tapping services as an ethical and professional business vocation.