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Exploring the Science of Compassion; META Health as a Polyvagal-Informed Approach

This 90 minute recorded webinar is the pilot of a new learning format for the International META-Health network. It is the recording of a webinar on 11/11/2021 with META Health International Trainer Kora Klapp from Germany and META Health Practitioner and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, Craig Weiner from the US. Both are fascinated by the Autonomic Nervous System and Stephen Porges’ work regarding safety and the Polyvagal Theory. Here are some questions that were addressed in this sold out event:

  • What is Polyvagal Theory and how does it complement and integrate with a META-Health approach?
  • Which reactions of the “Old Brain” and “New Brain” are shown in a new light by Porges’ findings?
  • What does this imply for the “points and phases” model in META-Health?
  • “Neuroception” What is it and how do we use our understanding of it to help our clients be more self-compassionate in order to enhance healing?
  • What embryological development is crucial to both Dr Hamer’s (originator of German New Medicine, predecessor to META Health) and Dr Porges’ work, and what practical implications does it give to us as practitioners?