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John Graham;The Everyday Mystic and One Man’s Death Defying Journey Towards Healing

Dr Craig Weiner, the creator and host of the Transformational Dialogues invited John Graham; the co-director of the Giraffe Heroes Project for this special event. I believe that it demonstrates how despite our resistance, there is an even strong force that pulls us towards resolution and healing.

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John Graham tended to discount anything he couldn’t prove with this mind–until a series of events in the mid-70s forced him to accept a different view of reality, one documented by mystics for thousands of years. For three years he spent hours in “out of body” experiences, healed with his hands and gave lectures on mysticism in Holiday Inns on weekends—while he planned nuclear war for NATO the other five days. Oh yes, it was strange. But maybe not so strange. John believes mystic experience is open for anyone, and in fact most of us have already felt it.