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Energy Psychology, EFT and Relationships; EME Embraces ACEP

For the 11th International webinar on Bridging the Gap Between Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, a grand collaboration occurred between the Energy Medicine Exchhange (EME) and the Association of Energy Psychology (ACEP). The event included a full day of presenter panels including luminaries such as David Feinstein, Dawson Church (EFT),Tapas Fleming (TAT), Starhawk, Dan Benor (WHEE), and Alina and I were honored to be a part of this great event with our panel focusing on EFT and Relationships.

Here is the video of our panel discussing Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine EFT and Relationship and Sexuality, moderated by Robert Schwartz, the current president of ACEP, Paula Shaw, Craig Weiner and host, psychologist Mark Abadi.

To watch all of the panels, link here: https://www.energymedicineexchange.com/webinars