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Up Up and Away! No More Fear of Flying for This Guy after EFT Tapping!

Just What Happened?

Brad Jaeger, No More Fear of Flying After EFT!

His words, “You can walk to the back of a plane and it won’t cause it to tilt! The short version is that it went pretty good. Both flights were pretty bumpy, but that never really bothered me…. and once again let me say how much I appreciate what you did for me”

He made it! He made it! Original trip was postponed but this last month he was surprised by his wife who had purchased tickets unbeknownst to him. Despite a small plane, bumpy ride, he made it calmly and everyone he knows is shocked at how well he did. He’s now planning a vacation that will include a 6 hour flight!

How it Happened:

In this video Alina Frank shows how effective EFT tapping can be for working with individuals who suffer from a life altering fear of flying. The techniques used with this gentleman are those taught in our EFT Tapping Training Level One course. As a result of a mechanical difficulty on a plane years ago, this person developed a life changing fear of traveling in airplanes that had significantly disturbed his and his family’s life. This video demonstrates the importance of specific questions, the importance of thorough testing and much more.