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EFT: A to Z Video Series [O]: Orienting EFT Tapping

[O] Orienting EFT Tapping is a method Alina Frank developed which comes from the work of somatic experiencing and trauma expert Peter Levine. This can be used to bring a client back into being present instead of reliving a past negative experience or projecting out in the future basically keeping them oriented to this moment where there is no danger.

In this session, Alina Frank works with this demo volunteer on her fear of telling others about EFT. Techiques used include Basic Shortcut EFT, Chasing the Pain, Sneaking Up, and Orienting EFT

This video is not a substitute for live in-person training in EFT aka Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping. The intention here is to 1. Educate the public at large about the quality work done in a real unedited EFT session 2. Have students/mentees of EFT learn different concepts/skills 3. Use as a tap along Borrowing Benefits exercise. To use this video as a way to “borrow benefits” for yourself, write down something that’s bothering you. Give it an intensity level of 0-10. Put that aside and just focus on tapping and repeating what’s being said. Don’t think about what you’ve written. After the session is over look back over at what you’ve written and feel the change.

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