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Crazy, Naked and Vulnerable; How “Being Real” Serves Your EFT Marketing and Business

There is a lot of talk in the EFT marketing world about being authentic, but few do it well. Does this mean that you have to reveal your deepest darkest secrets to be authentic? What does it mean for you as a business person to be vulnerable, to stand naked in your truth and be willing to be a little crazy in order to connect with the people that really need what you have to offer?

Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank are the hosts of EFT Mastering Business Acumen Radio, creators of the affiliated EFT MBA Practitioner Success Program. They are professional speakers, authors and EFT trainers, the Alternative Healthcare Provider (AHP) network and Matrix Reimprinting (MR). Further information can be found at EFTtappingtraining.com