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A to Z with EFT, T: Trauma

T: Trauma Release within the context of an EFT session. Signs that something is traumatic are that they are unexcepted, dramatic, isolating, and no strategy/resources in order to cope (UDIN). This is all from a personal perspective point of view as what’s traumatic for one person isn’t at all for another. This is also why events that happen in childhood are more influential on our psyches than in adulthood when we have coping strategies and resources that we don’t as children. Distancing techniques are important to use so as to keep the session/client safe and regulated.

In this session, Alina Frank assists her client in being able to come face to face with someone who triggers the client. They go back to the source of the fear- earlier events. Techniques used here are Sneaking Up, Tearless Trauma and the Movie (aka Silent Movie) Techniques.

This video is not a substitute for live in-person training in EFT aka Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping. The intention here is to 1. Educate the public at large about the quality work done in a real unedited EFT session 2. Have students/mentees of EFT learn different concepts/skills 3. Use as a tap along Borrowing Benefits exercise. To use this video as a way to “borrow benefits” for yourself, write down something that’s bothering you. Give it an intensity level of 0-10. Put that aside and just focus on tapping and repeating what’s being said. Don’t think about what you’ve written. After the session is over look back over at what you’ve written and feel the change.

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