Dive into the Secrets of Empowering Your Clients to Conquer Financial Hurdles and Achieve True Prosperity! Join us for an insightful webinar on breaking through financial barriers and helping your clients achieve their financial goals.

Are your clients struggling with financial challenges? Do they have goals but seem to hit a wall when it comes to achieving them? Are you not sure how you can assist them without feeling like a used car salesperson? Join our free webinar to discover effective strategies to assist your clients in overcoming financial blocks and reaching their financial dreams.

September 26, 2023

2 pm Pacific (L.A., Seattle)

Approximately 60 minutes

Webinar Highlights:

Identifying Financial Blocks

Learn how to recognize common financial obstacles that hinder your clients' progress.

Effective Communication

Discover techniques for communicating with clients about their financial challenges with empathy and sensitivity.

Practical Strategies

Gain insights into actionable steps and strategies to help your clients overcome financial hurdles.

Case Studies

Explore real-life success stories and case studies of clients who have transformed their financial situations.

Who Should Attend?

EFT Coaches
Financial Advisors
Coaches and Mentors
Therapists and Counselors
Anyone interested in helping others overcome financial obstacles

Meet Our Expert Speakers:

Alina Frank and Craig Weiner
Certified Holistic Marketers
Co-Directors of EFT Marketing and Business Academy
Developers of Money Mastery Mindset and Manifestation Wheel Programs

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