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Trainer Level Status Application

To be considered for training to EFT International Trainer level, candidates need to supply suitable information and supporting documents to the Master Trainer of Trainers with whom they hope to work.

Please fill in the form below and supply all requested supporting documents.

Finally, please send all of this material to Alina Frank, MTOT

All fields are required.

    Please also provide:

    • A copy of your up to date CV
    • A video or audio recording of you working one to one with a client or tapping partner.
      The material you submit must demonstrate complete grasp of foundational EFT skills and appropriate use of advanced skills. The session should be at least 45 minutes long and be recorded within the last year. Please ensure your video clearly demonstrates the depth and breadth of your Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 EFT skills.
    • Tapping log. Please provide up-to-date written evidence of recent (post-certification) EFT work with clients and groups during the minimum 2 years at AP level
    • Mentor's report on work done with candidate during the last 12 months. Please request your mentor fill out the attached Mentor Request Form and forward this to your MTOT.
    • References: Suitable referees may include your EFT trainer/mentor or professional contacts/colleagues who have seen you practice or teach. Please request your chosen referees to fill out a copy of the attached Reference Request Form and forward this to your MTOT.

    Questions to help you prepare for the live interview stage of the Trainer-Candidate Application Process

    Please use the boxes supplied to outline your ideas. The boxes will expand as you type. While a part of the application, these questions will also help you prepare for your discussion with your MTOT.

    Please send this completed form and all supporting documents directly to Alina Frank MTOT or set up a 15 minute consultation with Alina at www.alinafrank.com

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