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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a therapist or licensed health care professional or life coach to learn EFT and become certified?

The simple answer is no. People discover EFT to be profoundly effective and hear about it in a multitude of ways. Becoming an EFT practitioner does not require a previous degree or licensure. However, the training is rigorous as the EFT Tapping Training Institute has high standards and is committed to excellence and client safety. If you are a licensed health care professional we do provide Continue Education Credits for most courses and trainings. Please see the bottom of each individual workshop page to confirm your state and profession and CE availability.

Why should you consider becoming certified and accredited in EFT?

For unlicensed EFT practitioners: Currently in the North America, EFT is not a regulated profession. However, changes are emerging that will likely be enforcing unlicensed “energy” and EFT practitioners to be nationally certified. The EFT Tapping Training Institute EFT certification program meets all requirements for the expected upcoming standards for this national certification as well as those set by the accrediting body, EFT International.

For licensed professionals: In order to meet the standards and requirements as set by professional state boards, certification is what is most commonly required in order to integrate this technique into an existing practice. Taking an EFT Level 1-2 on its own without the benefit of a mentoring protocol may be deemed insufficient for clinical applications.

What is the first step to become certified and what are the costs and requirements to become a certified accredited EFT practitioner?

The steps for certification, beginning with taking your first live Level 1-2 training can be found on our EFT Certification page. On that same link you will find the all the program costs as well.

What should I know about the logistics regarding the live in-person trainings?

Once you have registered for a live workshop (either live in-person OR live online) training (please check our training schedule page for upcoming events) you will receive materials to review (video and reading) approximately ten days in advance of the training that you are required to complete. Training manuals for online trainings will be mailed to North America based participants. All others will receive digital copies.

If the training venue is a hotel location (see the specific workshop registration link) you may contact the venue directly to see if reduced room block rates are still available. If not, you may wish to search other local accommodations including hotels, Air BnB etc.)

For advanced trainings (i.e. Matrix Reimprinting EFT) held in Langley, Whidbey Island WA, we have created a lodgings page for accommodations we have vetted that you may wish to explore.

When should you consider not attending an EFT Level 1-2 training and pursuing certification?

The EFT Level 1-2 training is designed for those people wanting to work with others using EFT. Often this work, and specifically the training, includes working with memories of past experiences of adversity. This is NOT designed as a personal therapeutic healing retreat. If your personal history includes a significant degree of trauma that has not been resolved or at least worked on therapeutically and you believe may be easily re-triggered during a training, you should consider holding off from attending a live training or at a minimum contacting us to discuss the nature of your concerns in more detail.