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Our TOP 7 Pinterest Tips for a Successful EFT Business

Our TOP 7 Pinterest Tips for a Successful EFT Business

OK, so when you think of Pinterest, you think of a girlfriend posting a new recipe, or some new fashion release or maybe just a sunset with an inspirational quote…why would anyone use Pinterest to grow their EFT business?

Eighty of Pinterest users are women. Women tend to be higher utilizers of EFT than men, though this depends upon your niche and target tapping audience. But, did you know that men are the fastest-growing demographic on Pinterest? In 2014, the number of men using Pinterest doubled, and one-third of all signups come from men. Believe it or not more men use Pinterest in the U.S. every month than read Sports Illustrated and GQ combined.

What you really need to know is that Pinterest drives more web traffic to people who publish web content (that’s you!) than Reddit and Twitter combined.

So, do you know how to pin? What to pin? When to pin and how often to pin to most effectively grow your EFT business?

Listen in to the EFT Mastering Business Acumen (www.EFTMBA.com) podcast with hosts Alina Frank and Craig Weiner, top EFT Tapping Trainers to find our TOP 7’s for Using Social Media to Grow Your EFT Business.