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EFT Tapping Training Institute Mentees Referral Directory of EFT Tapping Training Institute Certified Practitioners

Mentoring certification agreement with us now requires 6 hours of personal tapping work. Here is our preferred list of certified practitioners. (Permission to work with a certified practitioner outside of this list requires specific permission.) The cost for all practitioners has been made affordable and equal for all practitioners listed below who choose to participate in this program at $255 for 3 sessions or $510 for a 6 session package. Ideally you will choose to work with the same practitioner for a depth of work for all 6 sessions, but if not, the minimum is to work 3 sessions with 2 different practitioners. You can choose freely. All communication and finances are between the two of you, we play no role in your relationship and process, just as you would if you were seeking support outside of the certification process. Your relationship is confidential and unless requested otherwise or you wish to share details with us, your work is held privately within the context of your relationship with your practitioner.

Bruce Whittemore


Bruce is a Holistic Coach, EFT Certified Practitioner and offers Matrix Reimprinting as part of his practice. His passion is assisting people in transforming their lives by addressing their limiting life beliefs, allowing them to live in peace and contentment through self-awareness. Bruce’s areas of practice include working with men and women on issues around recovery from unhealthy repetitive compulsive behaviors. Bruce also works with men on relationship and sexual issues as well as helping them connect to their emotions and body so that they can live a wholehearted fulfilling life.