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EFT Tapping Training Institute Mentees Referral Directory of EFT Tapping Training Institute Certified Practitioners

Mentoring certification agreement with us now requires 6 hours of personal tapping work. Here is our preferred list of certified practitioners. (Permission to work with a certified practitioner outside of this list requires specific permission.) The cost for all practitioners has been made affordable and equal for all practitioners listed below who choose to participate in this program at $255 for 3 sessions or $510 for a 6 session package. Ideally you will choose to work with the same practitioner for a depth of work for all 6 sessions, but if not, the minimum is to work 3 sessions with 2 different practitioners. You can choose freely. All communication and finances are between the two of you, we play no role in your relationship and process, just as you would if you were seeking support outside of the certification process. Your relationship is confidential and unless requested otherwise or you wish to share details with us, your work is held privately within the context of your relationship with your practitioner.

Sandra Bensaude

Lisbon, Portugal/GMT

EFT International Accredited Advance EFT practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, Emotion Code Practitioner and Tapping Out of Trauma certificate of attendance. She is passionate about supporting people step into their true self. She has helped clients overcome physical pain, traumatic experiences, stress, and low self- esteem among other issues. She sees clients from around the world, half of her sessions are over Zoom in English and Portuguese.

Wendy Blair


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Stress Management Coach, with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare field. Integrative in my approach, I have trained in, and utilize, an eclectic mix of both traditional and alternative coaching modalities, including various cognitive, mindfulness and energy psychology practices. I have been an accredited and certified EFT practitioner since 2015. I live in the ET zone and can be reached at wblair@wendyfblair.com

Kryss Castle, LMFT


I am certified through Level 2 and have taken Level 3 and Matrix RE-Imprinting. I have also taken Level 1 and 2 and am in mentoring for DCEP certification. I am also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Becky Fender

Moscow, Idaho / Pacific Time Zone

EFT International certified/accredited practitioner, also “tapping out of trauma” grad. I’m a certified life coach, licensed foster parent and mom of 7. I love to work with “kids from hard places” and those who care for them (parents, foster/adopt parents, social workers, etc). My focus includes: parenting/home issues, stress, school anxiety and fears. In addition I am a HypnoBirthing instructor and love to tap with mothers to resolve trauma and negative feelings around past or future births.

Jan Foster

Missouri / CST

EFT International Certified EFT Practitioner March 2018, Matrix Reimprinting Certificate of Attendance, Tapping out of Trauma Certificate of Attendance.

Sandy Hennies

Columbia, South Carolina / Eastern Time Zone
(803) 787-3130

Certified EFT Practitioner, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Laurie Heyl, MSW

(LCSW in Illinois)

As an EFT International Accredited, Certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner and a therapist with more than 25 years of clinical experience, I know that practice and personal experience are essential for becoming an excellent EFT practitioner. I’m passionate about using my intuition, insight, wisdom and experience to create a safe, connected, compassionate space for students to experience the benefits of EFT. Experience EFT and learn to embody these essential qualities with your clients.

Linda Mudd


I am an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner through EFT International. I trained with Craig Weiner and Alina Frank and was Accredited by Alina Frank. I have worked with all kinds of situations and conditions, and specialize in working with people that have psoriasis and other skin conditions. Having suffered many years myself from psoriasis, I know firsthand how powerless it can feel. I experienced the full range of emotions associated with a health challenge. Taking all I’ve learned and applied on this journey I now help others on the same path.

Shannon King


She is an EFT Practitioner level 1, holding certification with EFT Universe. She has continued her EFT education by completing classes in Matrix ReImprinting, Tapping out of Trauma, and Mastering Your EFT Toolbox with EFT Tapping Training. She is currently working on her advanced EFT Practitioner certification.

Mikki Proffitt

Sandpoint, Idaho

EFT International Accredited and Certified EFT Practitioner, Certified Lifestyle & Fitness Coach, CADCI Addictions Counselor, Certified Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Facilitator. Mikki brings over 30 years of experience as a facilitator, trainer, practitioner and guide. She has learned through experience that creating and providing a safe and connected community where women can come together allows them to rediscover and reclaim their sense of self and purpose. Mikki’s Specialty’s: Moms of struggling teens (past or present) and Addictions

Carol Richard

Prince Edwards Island, Canada

I help people find sleep again naturally using EFT. When you feel exhausted and tired you lose all abilities to function in your daily life. You might feel like you will never get your sleep under control again. You might think that if you could just shut down that monkey mind, you might have a chance at sleep again. This active monkey mind of yours can either stop you from falling asleep or wake you up in the middle of the night replaying the day’s events. If you are like me, you’ve tried so many things and you feel stuck trying to figure out how to stop that monkey mind.

This is where EFT comes in. I have developed a 4 step process I’ll take you through to help calm that monkey mind so you can find sleep again‚Ķ naturally.

You can contact me at carol@tappingintosleep.com. Or go to my website to schedule your free consultation.

Peggy Snow, EFT-CP

Bothell, WA (Mill Creek area) / Pacific Time Zone

Peggy Snow has been a certified EFT practitioner and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner since the fall of 2015. She continued her training by taking Tapping Out Of Trauma in 2016. Her focus was originally working with single mothers going through divorce, and now has more recently expanded to include working with people going through major life transition of all descriptions. A former licensed massage therapist, she is also a practitioner of several energy work modalities.