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EFT Tapping Training Institute Mentees Referral Directory of EFT Tapping Training Institute Certified Practitioners

Mentoring certification agreement with us now requires 6 hours of personal tapping work. Here is our preferred list of certified practitioners. (Permission to work with a certified practitioner outside of this list requires specific permission.) The cost for all practitioners has been made affordable and equal for all practitioners listed below who choose to participate in this program at $255 for 3 sessions or $510 for a 6 session package. Ideally you will choose to work with the same practitioner for a depth of work for all 6 sessions, but if not, the minimum is to work 3 sessions with 2 different practitioners. You can choose freely. All communication and finances are between the two of you, we play no role in your relationship and process, just as you would if you were seeking support outside of the certification process. Your relationship is confidential and unless requested otherwise or you wish to share details with us, your work is held privately within the context of your relationship with your practitioner.

Kathleen Weber

I am a former School Counselor who now specializes in supporting educators experiencing overwhelm and burnout so they can freely choose to return to the classroom from a centered and compassionate place or find another path that aligns with their higher purpose. I have loved helping others for as long as I can remember and EFT is such a beautiful and gentle process to facilitate meaningful change. I place high value on safety and rapport. Building a level of trust is imperative to this process and I thoroughly enjoy holding an empathetic space to meet my clients where they are.


Susan Shafer, LCMHC


Certified EFT Practitioner (mentored by Craig Weiner), Matrix Reimprinting, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Trained Yoga Instructor

As a clinician running a solo practice, I know first hand the fears that come with taking on a career challenge. I work with clients who want to work through the negative and limiting beliefs which have been holding them back from reaching their career goals.

My professional experiences have prepared me well! As a yoga instructor and former school teacher, I take value in providing a space for others to learn and experience the power of EFT. My clinical background allows me to feel competent to work with those that may have a history of trauma.

During my certification process, I met many wonderful people and made valuable connections. I’m grateful to continue to share in this amazing community. Please feel free to reach out to me for a consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together!

Shanyn Emerson

Shanyn Emerson is a body-based emotional transformation coach, holistic movement specialist, and clairaudient intuitive.

She helps women come back into relationship with their body-mind-heart, and is a bridge between the worlds of movement, mindfulness, somatic embodiment, energy psychology, and self-development.

Utilizing the tools of breath, somatic release, EFT tapping, embodied movement, meditation, visualization, and Qigong energy work- She guides women back into wholeness by helping them release stress and trauma while offering tools to help restore their personal harmony, build resilience, and find love for the body they live in.


Karen Iglehart Bounds, RN, L. Ac.

Certified EFT Practitioner
The Tapping EFT Coach
Westminster, Maryland

As a Certified EFT Practitioner, Registered Nurse, and Licensed Acupuncturist, I have a special heart pull for Healthcare Providers. I work with Healthcare Providers to help them cope with the stress of patient care through the use of EFT. Additionally, I help those wanting to include their faith into their EFT sessions. I am active with EFT for Christians but enjoy working with those of all faiths and spiritual foundations. I love educating people about EFT, working with groups, as well as individuals from newbies to experienced.

Carly Wise

Menlo Park, California

Carly Wise is an EFT Practitioner in Menlo Park, California who works with women in getting out of their head and tapping into their heart. Her focus is on helping women deconstruct their limited and disempowering beliefs so they can instill new beliefs that support and empower living a passion and purpose filled life; created from their heart and truth. She has gone through the challenges and beliefs of being a freelance makeup and hair artist, like fears of financial security; to the fears of following her heart in a career of personal development and going through the transition of letting go of a 16+ career she built as a freelancer. She tackled her belief systems using EFT and through her own personal work developed the passion to help other women do the same.

Sara Whiteside, MS, ATC

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Sara is a Certified EFT Practitioner and Intuitive Business coach specializing in work with online business owners who are stuck in a loop of personal & professional development, impostor syndrome and perfectionism. It’s time to get out of your head and into confident action so that you can make maximum impact with your EFT business. Sara has been an online business owner since 2014, has experience in social media marketing, and 20+ years of experience in health, fitness and nutrition as a Certified Athletic Trainer. EFT was the catalyst that gave her the confidence to pivot her career from physical health to emotional health in business and life. Sara is an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner trained through EFT Tapping Training.

Orange, Virginia/ Eastern Time

Katie Flaster

(781) 789-1773
Woodacre, CA

I am a certified EFT practitioner through the EFT Tapping Training Institute. While I work with both men and women, my area of focus is empowering women to build a supportive and nurturing life, shedding the cultural glorification of martyrdom and self-sacrifice, in order to transform into their most powerful and impactful selves. In addition to being an EFT Tapping coach, I also am a Rolf Structural Integration practitioner. I love approaching nervous system regulation and physical and emotional wellbeing through both of these complementary modalities.

Elizabeth (Lizz) Jenkins, M.Ed


Hi there! I am a certified accredited EFT Practitioner mentored by Craig Weiner. I hold a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and currently serve as a life coach and Reiki energy healer. Having also completed training in Matrix Reimprinting, I have seen the effects of EFT and Matrix as gentle and useful tools in addressing trauma, as well as the limiting beliefs that keep us from stepping into our true power and purpose. In my business as a Courage Coach I specialize in helping women and non-binary individuals navigate life transitions, such as grief/loss, relocation, career/job changes, and changes in relationships. As a self-healer, I have spent many years working through my own personal wounds and continue to make this a priority. I look forward to connecting with you to see if we are a good fit!

Lynn Jimenez, LCSW


Lynn Jimenez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who also has a coaching practice where she uses EFT to help clients move through life’s stress. Stress is a global term, and shows up in our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and body sensation. Her clients often describe their stress responses as “stressed out, stuck, unmotivated, anxious, depressed, and trauma responses.”

Lynn’s knowledge base is eclectic pulling from attachment theory, neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, CBT, yoga teachings (she is a certified teacher) and she views her role as a guide and a resource to her clients as they access their own innate ability to heal and navigate stress responses.

Lynn is a certified EFTi practitioner, and has also completed Matrix Reimprinting.

Arishma Singh

I am an EFT Level 1 and 2 Accredited Practitioner and a Reiki Master (Usui and Holy Fire) based in Sydney Australia. My passion is to bring EFT to the corporate world. With 20 + years of experience with the likes of Nielsen Media, American Express, Google Australia, Pivot Software and Experian, I understand the stress, anxiety and pressure the corporate world brings with it. My upcoming book focuses on applying a model that I have developed to create sustainable success in high performers. I am looking forward to being part of your EFT growth journey.

You can reach me on arishma@thrivewitheft.com or +61450071437. I am available on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday and Sunday AEST.

Website: arishma.com

Peggy Oberthier


Peggy is based in Melbourne, Australia and is a certified EFT practitioner through EFT Tapping Training Institute. She holds a Master’s in Education (Student Wellbeing) and is a certified Tuning Into to Teens Facilitator. She has worked in schools (grades 7-12) for 20 years as both a teacher and as a student wellbeing coordinator. As a Mother of two teenagers, she understands how challenging it can be to parent teens in this modern age. Using EFT, she is passionate about teaching people the tools to manage the stress of parenting.

Leo Cheung

Victoria, BC

Leo Cheung is a Relationship, Dating and Breakup Recovery Expert who helps people uncover their limiting beliefs that prevent them from having healthy, intimate and vibrant relationships. As a certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, he is dedicated to creating safe, non-judgemental and trauma-informed containers for clients to discover their own insights. The sessions are client-led and goal-oriented to ensure that clients are empowered throughout the process in their ability to transform their negative emotions and successfully accomplish the goals they set together.

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