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Katie Walker, EFT Master Trainer

After attending several trainings with Alina and Craig, I was inspired to do the MBA. I loved what I saw and experienced in their workshops and felt I needed support with my business.

I was still working in my corporate job and had been a Certified Accredited Practitioner for a few years but had no idea what to do to get things up and running. The MBA made things truly clear for me with what I needed to do in terms of identifying a niche, marketing, knowing how to promote and convey EFT effectively to various audiences and simply to build my confidence to get my business going.

I started transitioning from my corporate gig to running my own practice and I am now successfully running my own EFT business and absolutely clear about what I specialise in and who I work with. I am truly in my bliss and loving it.

The MBA also connected me with other incredible Practitioners who are still very solid in my world. Thank you, Alina and Craig, without this course I would still be doing my corporate gig and not following my dream or living my purpose.